cbusbride's Blue wedding
My Husband & I are planning our Vow Renewal! Our Vow Renewal ...
readytobemrsjones's Purple wedding
Were having a Music awards theme wedding with Gold albums a red car...
taylormad3's Blue wedding
Im in the planning process nothing official as of yet bur im leanin...

Upcoming Weddings

  • avastdevice's Pink wedding
    7/26 (``%%``%%``!)
    , Washington
    bransonsbride's Pink wedding
    7/26 (``%%``%%``!)
    Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
    Im marrying my gorgeous fiance in the summer of 2014 - Our wedding ...
    leighsa's Green wedding
    , Oregon
    Our wedding is going to be very simple/country but reflecting our p...
    natabunny's Purple wedding
    , , Latvia
  • blingbride2012's White wedding
    Houston, Texas
    MY Wedding will a.... ROMANTIC - ELEGANT - CLASSY-SHEEK AFFAIR ...
    mrsili14's Black wedding
    Cleveland, Ohio
    A day to remember: Black and Ivory with Apple accents.
    mrsasquared's Blue wedding
    , British Columbia, Canada
    trustarr's Purple wedding
    Boston, Massachusetts
    I want my wedding to be over the top because that is the way I drea...
  • tabularasa's Green wedding
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    denielle's Green wedding
    Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
    not sure yet. Excited to figure it out though
    lildean2's Red wedding
    New Haven, Connecticut
    My husband & I have been married for 17 yrz! We have never had ...

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