Jul 5, 2009

We have 2 groom’s men, 1 best man and 1 master of ceremonies.

My poor sister who is going through her own personnel stuff (I can’t give details but it's brutal) is trying so hard to plan our Jack and Jill with our help of course. The best man has not responded to both of the planning emails my sister has sent out or a phone message she left for him as a last attempt at communication.

Groom #1 has behaved in the exact same way... I even called him and asked him very nicely to give my sister a call. He said “for sure no problem I will call her as soon as we hang up and he never called!

Groom#2 lives in the Yukon so I completely understand that he can’t be involved and that's totally okay but our MC is working my last nerve... He came to our planning meeting which was great but the whole time... he was rolling his eyes and seemed put out to even be there... I felt like saying “this is the one chance you get to show your friend how much you appreciate his friendship and this is how you do it"

We are hosting a BBQ next weekend to pull together last minute details for the Jack & Jill. My sister sent the email out yesterday and our MC replied with "I quote"

"I can’t make it"


That's it; nothing else....could he not have wrote something like.. "Sorry guys I'm tied up" or "Hey Ive been crazy busy at work and need to chill that weekend"!

Wow... call me crazy here but I don’t think I am being overly sensitive ... I think all 3 of them are unbelievably shitty friends.

Any thoughts ladies????
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yeah, they are being pretty shitty. i'm also in a shit situation dealing with craptastic bridesmaids. i don't know what you can do. sometimes people just don't get how much of a big deal this day is, especially if they are single or not of the "romantic" mind. maybe it would be best to get you FH to say something because he knows them better? or just completely ignore them and stop asking for help bc it doesn't seem like you are going to get it. good luck!!
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