Aug 3, 2011

so i tried Victoriana by Maggie Sottero on again and it was amazing!! i dont have any pictures, because they wouldnt let me take them :-(
unfortunately there is only one sample of this dress in a 50 mile radius from my house. Had to drive an hour just to try on a dress. the other down side is that the sample was in light gold is beautiful in this color, but i'm hoping for either ivory or white.
but thats my problem i cant deside what color i want!!!!
the lady at the salon told me it depends what i'm looking for.
I told her i dont want it so bright that it's blinding, but i dont want it that yellowish coffee color some ivorys can be. I also love the details of the dress and want them to stand out like they do with the light gold.....
she told me it sounds like you want ivory, because the details arent as noticeable in white.......
I guess i'm just worried that i'm going to buy the dress in the wrong color and wish that i would have done the dress in the other color........
i know what most of you are going to say find the dress in ivory and white.......but i have called everywhere and no one has it.....
so whats a girl to do Ivory or white?
and just so you know my other colors are a deeper red and gold!!
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victoriana ivory front
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Westminster, MD, USA
My dress was ivory, if you look at my pictures I don't think it looks ivory but I didn't want white because I feel like ivory fit my skin tone better (I'm kinda tan) I really like ivory because I think it looks so elegant and timeless and just beautiful, I was a little nervous it would look yellowish like you said but it didn't it was stunning and I'm so glad I picked the ivory color, it still looks white in pictures but not blindingly so! and the best part is you can't notice every little mark or smudge. I say without a doubt go with ivory but ask to see a swatch first. Ivory for different dress brands can be different to each brand.
futuremrslilley's Pink wedding
London, ON, Canada
Go try on another Maggie dress (any maggie dress), one in Ivory and one in White...see what color looks best on you..... you might think that you want something bright etc but it might not compliement your skin complexion.
My dress is ivory and I love it. I found the white too white (if that makes any sense!).
's  wedding
Franklin, MI, USA
I have a Maggie sottero in Ivory. I think the ivory color is richer and compliments my skin tone better than the stark bright white would. Plus like the other girls said, in pictures and in person you can't tell the difference. My dress doesn't have any hint of yellow in it.
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Laurie took the words out of my mouth! Couldn't have said it any better!
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Thanks you guys! I guess i'm just getting overly worried. I have an appointment aug 18th (during a trunk show). when i arranged for the appointment i told the lady my concern and she told me she will get me other taffeta maggie dresses in white and ivory. I told her to make sure they were newer dresses, because i have seen older maggie dresses in ivory and let me tell you they were a coffee color..... hopefully i will figure it all out.....i have family and friends that are team ivory and family and friends that are team white. I will let you all know what i deside then!! Thanks!!!

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