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Save the date, what is it?

I see people positing save the date items, what is it? Is it a card stating that you're going to get an invitation? An invitation to an invitation?
kjk2009's Pink wedding
 |  Hamilton, ON, Canada  |  06/19/2008  | 
Save the Dates are cards you send out to your guests before the invitations to let them know what day your wedding is on so that they can make travel arrangements and/or make sure not to schedule anything on that day. They are usually sent anywhere from 1 year  to 6 months before the wedding. There basically a 'heads up' for the guests. Just make sure you know who your inviting for sure, because once they get a save the date, they'll be expecting an invitation!
marta12's Blue wedding
 |  Chicago, IL, USA  |  06/19/2008  | 
Basically. It reserves a date. Its most common to send save the dates if you have a destination wedding or a lot of out of town guests. That way they have a lot of time to plan their trips and not the typical 8-10 weeks before the wedding.
futuremrsg's Blue wedding
 |  Santa monica, CA, USA  |  06/28/2008  | 
They're usually just for destination weddings so people have a decent amount of time to save, budget and organise.  I sent out travel package details for Fiji with ours 1 yr out so people can pay off the flights etc monthly.
(And the inspiration board was just done in xcel and copied into paint because I don't have any art programmes yet on my new computer)
mamamia321's Green wedding
 |  Midland, MI, USA  |  07/10/2008  | 
Save the dates can be cards/postcards or even magents.. I used the magnet idea. I thought it was a GREAT way to get out the date information to my family and friends that live out of state so that they have more time to plan things such as time off and flights. Save the dates are usually sent out a few months or more before the actual invitation. You can check out my page I have pictures of my save the date magnets.. But whatever you do don't google "save the date" because you will pay way more than you need to. go to www.vistaprint.com and you can design your own!
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