Jan 1, 2009

After viewing the displayed photos from Instyle Wedding Magazine website I am thinking about having my bridesmaids wear different shades of the same color.

I have already decided I will let my bridesmaid pick their style of dress, but I will pick the color and material, but after viewing the displayed photos I am thinking about allowing my maides to pick different shades of one colour....What do you think? Is it to off the beaten path, per say?
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mrsskippydo's Purple wedding
San antonio, TX, USA
Nice idea. I think it might work for me, if I have the lightest colors come out first and lead up to the color right before the purple in my own dress. Thanks, winter. i think that you may have solved a problem before it even started!
soulwishes's Pink wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
I love it I just think it's more difficult to coordinate when you're working with multiple BM's but can be done and if done right can look really modern and sophisticated because every BM will look at her best.

I have 5 BM's myself - it's a bit too tough for me to coordinate all different colours for them. But if you can pull it off go for it!
's  wedding
Little rock, AR, USA
Honestly, if you're going to let them pick different shades of the same color, I would make sure that their dresses are all the same style or very similar styles. Otherwise, it's going to look like you just grabbed some people off the street to have stand in your wedding (it won't look coordinated). The girls in the pictures look nice, but don't look like bridesmaids in a wedding (to me). Good luck though! If you could pull off the coordination, it's a fun idea!
's  wedding
Vancouver, BC, Canada
LOVE it.  It can totally work.  I love ways to let my gals shine and show their personalities.
joyfulsong's Red wedding
Saint john's, NL, Canada
IMO, the only pic you have shown that I like and think looks coordinated is the one with the BMs in green.  

If done right, I think it would look really cool.  If done wrong, I think it won't look right.  

I do, however, like mrsskippydo's idea.  I like the light purple to dark, to accent her dress.  

It's an awesome idea, though.  If you like it, then go for it.  Like mikeandmel says, it can show off their individuality and personality as well.  :)
nataliepink's Pink wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
My FHs cousin got married at a vineyard this summer and she did the monochromatic bridesmaid look with pinks and it looked great! The dresses were all the same style, but it was nice because not everyone can wear baby pink!
's  wedding
Houston, TX, USA
I agree with fireflybride.  It probably would be best to go with the same or similar styles.
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
I think you should go for it, why not?
amanda47's Purple wedding
Tainan, T'ai-wan, Taiwan
Interesting that this is now a trend.  I was just contemplating this for our Taiwanese wedding . . . different shades of purple for the entire bridal party . . . because they don't have "bridal parties" here.  AND, traditionally the one bridesmaid they do have wears white too.

For our American wedding, I had the junior bridesmaids all wear different colors of the same little sundress.  

junior bridesmaids and me

I got the idea from here--she didn't have same color different shades nor did she have same style dress--

So . . . if you like it I say go for it!  It's perfectly ok to be unique and original and trendsetting.
mrsd2be's Pink wedding
Paola, KS, USA
I'm doing this as well, and have 6 Bridesmaids! I think it'll look great, so go for it!
's  wedding
Richmond, VA, USA
I LUV this idea! The girls get to be involved and actually choose a dress that they might wear again!

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