May 19, 2010

i really want to have my wedding recorded but it seemed like it wasn't going to fit in my budget!! but then i came acroos this site "the pros" and i cant get my pictures and video done by them and still fit in my budget!! WOO HOO there work online looks great but i was wondering if anyone here has used them and has any thought about them? i think i read somewhere that someone used them but i cant remember where i read it?!

please help if you can!

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alwayshis's Red wedding
Saint charles, IL, USA
I contacted them several times & was considering using them. It just made me nervous that you don't get to meet your photographer until right before your that's something you should consider. But yea they're prices are great!
iluvbooze's Red wedding
Centreville, VA, USA
I contacted them but was a little discouraged because you can't meet with the photographer in advance as well.  I really do want the photographer and video so I amy contact them again.
bryanswife17's Red wedding
Bowie, MD, USA
i know someone that used them....they may have be impressed i never really asked, but just being a guest....i thought the videographer was the only one that looked like he knew what he was doing.
the photographer was running all over the church; which was ver distracting, and the dj was just horrid, he had cords all over the place, he was not capable of mixing. in my opinion they seem really outdated. there are so many more to choose from.
's  wedding
Piscataway, NJ, USA
I am also considering them as well. I have been speaking to a representative all week. And she notified me today to let me know that they are having a Wine & Cheese Bridal Showcase at my venue next week. I will be able to meet the vendor, photographers, dj's, etc. Check out their website...they have a list of bridal showcases.

I've heard good things about their work, so I'm not worried.
22011bride's Purple wedding
San francisco, CA, USA
LOL @ the dj we aren't considering using them for the dj so that is good =)
22011bride's Purple wedding
San francisco, CA, USA
thanks mrsallaway! i will do that! i think they're photos look great online and in the packet my rep sent over to me i hope i can find a show near me =)
's  wedding
Waltham, MA, USA
I contacted them and they are doing my Wedding in October 2012. I got to meet my photographer. They do many wedding shows , where you can meet them and look at their work.

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