Feb 11, 2010

9 months later

These are some professional pictures.
We love married life and ere expecting our first baby..
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Our Big Day....
May 21, 2009

We are Married

have been married for 19 days to be exact..
Married life is great.
we got a cute puppy... love him his name is coby a German Shepherd 10weeks old...

Here are some pictures hope you like them..
the colors of the flowers were a hit..
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awedding 029
wedding 055
awedding 017
awedding 036
we did it..
Apr 29, 2009

We are Married

Brenda & Bren
May 2, 2009

I could not of asked for a better wedding.
It was beautiful; the black dresses with the bright flowers were a total hit.
We have now been married for more than a week and we couldn’t be happier

Here are some pictures
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Pink we did it.. We are Married
us bossy
momy and us
Bridal party
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Apr 3, 2009

I need a poem or quote

I need a poem or verse
that i can use in my programs
please help me with this

i need to have this by monday...

i am freaking out..

!!! HELP !!!
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Picnik collage2
we are getting a free cake...
Apr 3, 2009

yay... total money saver

my cousin told me since i started planning our wedding 1 year ago
that she would give me 200 dollars to help pay for the wedding cake
the lady that i talked to
tolm me my total for a cake for 200 people would cost me $395.00 dollars

and Gasp!!!!

i got a call from an old family friend that used to make mine and my siblings birthday cakes... she asked if i would let her bake my cake
and she would give it to me FOR FREE>>>>>>

and i of course said yes....

now my cousing said that the $200.00 she was going to give for the cake was still going to be given to me.. and i can spend it on something else that has to do with the wedding....

yay... total blessing
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Mar 23, 2009

what is going to be your grand entrance song..

i cant find one..
i am looking for a song for the grand entrance
and the last dance
what do you recomend
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50 more days…..WOW
Mar 12, 2009

Time sure flies…

As of right now I only have:
It is 50 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date
Or 1 month, 19 days excluding the end date
50 days can be converted to one of these units:
• 4,320,000 seconds
• 72,000 minutes
• 1200 hours
• 7 weeks (rounded down)

to be exact....

cant wait...
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Brace Face,, Hopefully no more..
Mar 9, 2009

My braces will be coming off in a couple of weeks

In 25 minutes I will be heading to the dentist… Yay!
Hopefully they will do the fitting for my retainer.
Just in case that you didn’t know I HAVE BRACES…
I have had them for 1 /12 years and my teeth look great.
They had told me that the braces would come off in April a couple of weeks before the wedding that way I would have enough time to get the witening…

Cant wait…
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Pink Brace Face,, Hopefully no more.. My braces will be coming off in a couple of weeks
In tears..
Mar 3, 2009

why does this happen to me..

My family has always been very close, especially because we are such a big family.
Especially my aunt Irma was a super healthy 35 year old mother of 3 young girls and 3 months pregnant with her fourth child.

On December 17, 2007..
Out of nowhere she suffered a stroke that let to an amorism and a heart attack..
( my poor uncle, her husband of 16 years.. was at the hospital day and night)

My parents, sister, brother and I spent 9 days at the hospital day and night.
We loved her and cared so much for her.. that we wanted to spend as much time possible with her and her daughters..

At one point the doctors gave her 3 hours to live, in those three hours she asked ME
To take care of her daughters…

She lost the baby at 4 1/2months due to the medicine and cat scans

She made it!!!
Although she is paralyzed and can barely whisper
The past year has been very difficult – going back and forth- spending time with the kids- seeing my favorite aunt that way kills me..

It has gotten so bad

- he cant afford his house payment
- cant spend time with the girls
- has to work extra hours to pay the nurse
- the stress of having to raise his daughters without a mom.

The worst part is that my aunt could not wait until I got married; she played a great part in the style of my dress.

We received the bad news yesterday: the state is taking her and placing her in a center, which means that she will not be allowed to be at the wedding.
Her health is god enough for her to attend a wedding although she would be in a wheelchair..

Now she cant be there, the center wont allow it

It breaks my heart.
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