I know I'm not the only one who loves heels!

These are the ones I saved so far. Each one has it's own unique style which works because I'm unique also.

Which one is ya fave ladies??

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lauren jones angel t-strap open toe pump
guess ketchumily platform pump
miss me jocelyn 22 platform pump
steve madden gold glitter pumps
luichiny kam me peep toe pump
bebe hestor platform pump
This is my dream honeymoon location!
It's in Fiji and it looks soooooooo beautiful!!!!

Not sure this dream will turn into reality but I love this place!!

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Just add the crystal cake stand and it's perfect!!

The cake was frosted with buttercream, which works because I'm not really a fan of fondant and the snowflakes were made from pure sugar. I don't know if you know who Sylvia Weinstock is but she designed this cake back in 2007 and it still looks good to me!!

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crystal cake stand
I just looking for inspiration pictures for a NYE wedding and I found these stunning pictures. I so want this look! Now I'm on the search for a faux fur wrap!!

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I dont know why but I keep coming back to the idea of having a new year's eve wedding. The date is not set in stone so it could be a possibility. Aren't these favors so cute though? It beats buying real champagne!

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champagne bottle favor kit
I don't know if I've been out of the loop or what but I did not know Willow could sing. Now she has a new single called "Whip my Hair" and she just signed on with Jay-Z. She is a true individual and she believes in being herself. Ladies, you should listen to this song. You'll find yourself jammin' to it!

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willow smith
Etsy. com has become my new best friend! I keep finding wonderful things on this site!I found this lovely veil and flower. I wanted to find something that I could wear throughout the day and easily can be removed. I think I found what I wanted. The veil is shown in black but it also comes in white, ivory, light pink, champagne, mocha, and dark brown. The flower fascinator is a peony with a pearl and austrian crystal center. The veil will be worn for our wedding ceremony and the fascinator for our reception. Any thoughts?

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Mini Birdcage Veil
pearl and austrian crystal ivory peony
I've been noticing that late night snacks during the reception are very popular. I was looking for something that everybody could possibly love and I found these. They look so delicious! They kind of remind me of oreo cakesters which I love!

I found this on wickedwhoopies.com. There are a lot of flavors to choose from:

Red Velvet
Vanilla Bean
Banana Creme
Chocolate Lovers
Classic Mini
Lemon & Strawberry Minis
Black Forest
Orange Creamsicle
Lip Lick'n Lemon
Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Cream
Peanut Butter
Raspberry & Cream

I might just have a "Whoopie Bar" with milk shooters. This idea sounds fun already! I'm going to work on a cute little saying that goes with our wedding so the name won't sound as weird. I'm so sure my guest will love and appreciate a sweet treat as a late night snack.

What do you ladies think??

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wedding snack dessert
milk shooters
I know I am not the only adult who loves Hello Kitty.....

Hello Kitty now has her own line of wines that are produced and bottled in Italy.You can purchase this playful treat on the website and it even gives you a detailed description about each wine.


Each Hello Kitty Wine bottle is a different varietal with a different label on it as well. These would be so perfect for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or a bridesmaid gift.

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I was looking for something cute and creative and I found this on etsy. I'm thinking about having replicas of boarding passes as my save the date's. Any opinions??

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boarding pass std