Blue SHOES!!! I found them
Blue SHOES!!! I found themBlue SHOES!!! I found themBlue SHOES!!! I found them

I found them

Was window shopping Monday and found these little beauties,
on sale even for $39.38.....
although the ones I bought have a small heel, because Len is
verdicly chalanged and if I wear any heel I'm taller and it bothers him.
But I told him suck it up! and I bought them so when we start our dance leasons I can wear them to break them in and get use to dancing in them.
I realy didnt think I would get them this soon but I LOVE These!

***** update*****
took out my shoes and realised I posted the wrong pic. I took the image off line, THESE are my lovelies
prettypinktress's Red wedding
 |  Omaha, NE, USA  |  02/10/2010  | 
LOVE them!!
becomingaward's White wedding
 |  Albany, NY, USA  |  02/10/2010  | 
luv em luv em!
alohabride2010's Blue wedding
 |  Fremont, CA, USA  |  02/10/2010  | 
I tried on some similar at Aldo.  They are very beautiful and you're right the heel is not too bad on those babies!
tlgcece's Blue wedding
 |  Tampa, FL, USA  |  02/10/2010  | 
My bridesmaids are wearing the same exact shoe just in silver. Here in florida, I found them for less than $15. They love them. And the heel is as high as it looks. Great choice!
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