Wedding Reception
Oct 28, 2009

Wedding Favor Boxes

I just Love hitting the Salvation Army!!!! I have one just 3 blocks away
and trusting my Woman's Intuition, I went there tonight.

What a pay off!!!!!!

They had these little boxes, about 3 inches by 4 inches...Tonnes of them at .79 each so needing 50 for my Favores would have been
$ 39.50 so i figured why not ask.... well I walked out with 50 boxes for $20.00!!!!! they are still in there plastic and 48 where still in there shipping box!!!! the colors are sort of a Dusty Rose and Sky Blue Flower with green leaves and an Ivory background. all I can say is

YEA ME!!!!!!

2 of the chocolate cameos will fit just great!
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great find !

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