Aug 23, 2010

Ok, so I will admit that my wedding is a year away, but anytime I mention anything about the wedding to someone, they don't care!

No one asks me how things are going, what I've got done, nothing! Is this only because it's so far away? OR Is it because I really just don't have that good of friends?

Even my MOH, I text her last week to tell her about my new venue and I got no response! I'm giving her a break on that one, cause she's a teacher(just started the new year) and she's got 3 kids going back into school, a hubby who is in and outa town a lot, etc so yea maybe she was just too busy and then forgot to answer me, but it did kinda hurt my feelings.

I don't want to be the girl that no stop talks about the wedding but it's all I think about and everyone around me is really "blahze" about it! The only person that is willing to talk about it is my FH. I'm feelin sad about it, it's like well wtf if you all really don't like me enough to give a crap about the biggest event in your "friend"s life, then why the hell are we friends in the first place?? Stop faking it and don't call me! Idk, what do you guys think? Is this normal for a wedding that is so far away?
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ladydamm's Pink wedding
Windsor, ON, Canada
oh, booo! i wish people were more enthusiastic for you! you need people who are like-minded (not in any extreme, but c'mon! they should be asking, etc).

i always get the questions about how things are going and what has been done. my MOH is great! even though she just had her 2nd baby (her 1st child just turned 2!), is going to be going back to school to finish her NP program and has a crazy life with a working husband.

my wedding isn't for another 14 months!

i think you should talk to her and see what's going on. sometimes it's really easy to get caught up in our own lives (them included). and you should be talking about it and being excited! it's your wedding! :)

to the text thing -- fine, she didn't text back...but has she said ANYTHING in response? that's just rude in my honest opinion. but maybe just talk to her and see what's going on.
unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Harvey, IL, USA
I think this has happened to almost everyone of us brides on here, so don't feel bad. No one will care as much as you..ever. I could hear my girls rolling their eyes over the phone LOL!! This is why you have us!!
Other brides actually care and thats the best part of being in this community. Most bridal party members just want to know
1)whens the fitting
2)whens the latest possible time I can get fitted
3)do I HAVE to pay for this?
4)what time do I need to show up
I even had a non enthusiastic maid of Honor and with about 20 days away..NOW shes wanting to get involved and I had to set up her fitting (and shes FAMILY!!)

Good luck sweetie and take control. Yes it is a year away and tis nice to share with real friends what your plans are but  more than likely they just wont care to much..unless you're one of the luck ones.
soconfused's Red wedding
Scarborough, ON, Canada
I completely know how you feel. I feel exactly the same way. I refuse to bring up the wedding topic to certain people anymore. As for the wedding party, I decided to just say f*** it and do it all myself!! I know that isn't necessarily the right thing to do but hey... I'm not one for chasing people and making them do things they don't want to do. Whatever!!
I have started my favors, worked on invitations, ribbon wands etc. All by myself (plus my FH on the invitations).
I'm not going to even call anymore. We have 3 1/2 months to go. I wonder if they'll call me?? Let's see what happens
mrmrskaz's Pink wedding
Jacksonville, FL, USA
people usually don't understand that you need to start planning for a wedding a year a head so when you do saying they see it like really now its a year from now and dont understand

don't feel bad you have all of us here that understand you
macbride's Orange wedding
Ancaster, ON, Canada
Oh I hope it gets better. The girls above are right that no one will care as much as you do. I really hope they come around for you. It must be extremely frustrating!
mibride080610's Purple wedding
Grand rapids, MI, USA
I also have had the same problem from some of the people I was talking to. When i brought it up it started a fight and me and that person is no longer close but oh well it is what it is. Turns out she was jealous anyway, her words not mine, and it's for the better. I say just come here and talk to us girls who are all going through the same stuff as you!
6yrs2kidsl8tr's Purple wedding
Mexico, MO, USA
Thanks ladies, I think you're right that's why we're all on this site :)
I'll just keep doing my thing over here and if anyone EVER feels like giving a sh*t enough to ask, it'll be done and they'll feel relieved that they offered but didn't actually have to do anything which is what I'm sure they will all be wanting anyway.
Also, this will ensure that every little bow, every little glued on piece is exactly the way I want it.
Perfectly straight, not crooked b/c someone in the assembly line got lazy. :) As you can tell I'm a little sour about it but it'll be fine. Thanks again to all of you!
's  wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
oh yes i know the feeling only my MOH & Dh actually care oh & sister in law other than that my 3 Bms are in thier own world well i lie 2 of them are, its fustrating cause i picked them for a reason and we all know each other since highschool, I know the wedding is still far but really when i invite u to certain things like wedding shows , my birthday gathering, greet & meet i expect them toy show oviously not to every show i want to go to but yet have to see all the girls at one event at the same time this worries me cause if they cant get it togther now for simple things i ask how da heck will they  when it comes time to do fittings bridal shower, bachlorette, rehersals, etc.. I get a bit upset at the fact that unless i text them or msg them they wont, friends are suppose to be ther for you right? well not quite feeling that they all care that much well  one chic in particular & its hurts cause shes da one i've known her da longest since we were 11yrs old, one of my other Bms comment thta mayb she  may feel a bit jealous since shes not in a stable relationship 7 what not  but if thats the case noone forced her to say yes, oh well what can you, Just try to enjoy planning with yr dh have  them get together if u can cause i lost hope of that long ago lol! and talk to them let them know your feelings, sometimes ppl dont know how important it is to show intrest and know that they care, it may have to do with the date but still no excuse to  act that way, hope they figure it out soon
deneanrae's Blue wedding
Red deer, AB, Canada
lol it only gets worse. no one will care about your wedding as much as you. I have to say tho... i have 11 days now...and ppl are more excited than me! hahaha. im just stressed and anxious
laydeecadbury's Purple wedding
Banbury, Oxfordshire, United kingdom
Don't feel disheartened, like the other ladies said i think EVERY bride feels like this at some point! I was feeling the same not long ago.
Just concentrate on what you want for your big day, we're always here to share your ideas with. Stay positive!
laydeecadbury's Purple wedding
Banbury, Oxfordshire, United kingdom
PS. love your image for this post! Hehe!

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