Wow, I feel so much better about my last post! Thank you everyone! I don't think my aunt was too happy when I told her I felt as tho I should be the only one in white, but she did take the dress back! Phew! Problem solved!

Well things are going smoothly so far...almost too smoothly...

Minister- CHECK
Ceremony site- CHECK
Reception site- CHECK
Bridesmaids- CHECK
Groomsmen- CHECK
Flower girl- CHECK
Dress- CHECK
Caterer- CHECK

What's next?? I feel like there will be SOMETHING that will eventually go sour, but until then I will keep my head in the clouds!

I'm just curious to know If I am leaving anything out? As far as timelines go, I think I am doing pretty good. We still need a lot tho...

Photographer, Cake, Centerpieces, Tablecloths, Music list, flower girl dress, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, tuxes, hair/makeup place...hmmm...

All the stuff left seems to be things that can be done closer to the wedding, is there anything that I should be doing NOW?
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So, first I just want to say that I was sooo excited to get back on here and see that I had THREE comments on my last post! :) I really wasn't expecting any, but It was really nice to see! I don't have any sisters (only two younger brothers) and not many girlfriends who are close by so It's nice to get on WBC and be able to talk wedding details with other women who are just as excited and crazy as I am! lol The process of wedding planning is tough!!

So I am having an issue with my aunt. First, I just wanna say that I grew up in the military and so I did not grow up around this woman, but she is family so I want her to feel included. Second, this woman drives me up a wall!! Here is a little background info:

My aunt is in her 50's and has been married FOUR times. She is currently engaged again (for almost a year now) and wants to get married the same month I am. This is all fine and dandy information right? You're probably thinking she is somewhat normal huh? WELL....

She came into my store the other day to get approval on the dress she wanted to wear to my wedding....why did she need approval??


I'm sorry, but I just really feel like a bride is the only one who should be wearing white....right? Am I overreacting ?
I posted a picture of the dress...couldn't it pass for a wedding dress? I mean for your 5th wedding? I kinda get the feeling she is upset my wedding is "taking the spotlight" over her's....but this is my first and ONLY wedding...she's had four others!

any thoughts?
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olettas dress
Daniel had really put some thought into this! The day before he proposed he had come to my store and chatted with me on my lunch break. Little did I know that after our brief encounter he went straight to my parents house to ask my dad permission! Now, we have been dating for almost four years and are in the process of building our own home, so it wasn't a huge shock to my dad that he wanted to propose, but it really meant a lot to him. It meant so much to him that he insisted Daniel propose that weekend! lol My mother and father graciously paid for a suite at the place they had spent their honeymoon 20 years ago and Dan was set! He told me we were going to his parents' lake house, but little did I know! He parked by a small light house on the beach and proposed to me while we were star gazing! After to initial shock wore off we headed to our suite, which was right on the water! We could see the little lighthouse from the back porch! It was the most beautiful moment of my life...until September 22nd!!!
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