I Freakiin Love This Show!!! Usually My FH Watches It With Me But Since Hes Not Home right Now ( He Works Out Of Town Alot )Sundays Has Become Wedding Sundays With David Tutura My Fair Wedding And Bridezillas!!! I Love My Lazy Sundays Even More Now!!!
jynnibelle's Black wedding
 |  Waseca, MN, USA  |  08/22/2010  | 
I am obsessed with David Tutera! I wish he'd bring his show to Minnesota and magically choose my wedding to make fabulous! ;D
becomingaward's White wedding
 |  Troy, NY, USA  |  08/22/2010  | 
thats my Sunday line up too!  lol  and sometime when the episode is REALLY good, i'll watch the replays until midnight or so!
abeautifulmess's Blue wedding
 |  Knoxville, TN, USA  |  08/23/2010  | 
jynnibelle I Agree! i Wish He Would Do My Wedding Also!

soonmrswhite, Thats All I Do On Sundays! My FH Works Out Of Town Alot Now So He Doesnt Watch As Much Any More But Our Roomie, Our Best Friend Sam, Poor Guy Is Forced To Watch On Fridays When Im Home Then Always ASks Why Were Watching Reruns When We Just Watched THem On Friday! LOL! WeTv Is All That Is On On Sundays!!!
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