Same shape, but mine is satin
Same shape, but mine is satin

Wedding Dress
Found a picture that resembles the real one!

So, after Gavin and I got engaged, I had to rush back to So Cal and finish up a show that I was working on. Once the show was closed, I flew back to the Midwest and the planning began! I knew that I had to get a lot done so I of course chose to tackle the big items first...the venue and the dress. My family and I (Gavin was unable to make this trip) went to 3 different locations: The Franklin Room in St. Louis MO, an old theatre and art gallery in St. Louis MO, and then the Falls in Columbia, IL. After thinking it through and crunching the numbers, we decided on the Falls. We're very excited and it allowed us to start spreading our date to people as well!! We'll be getting married there as well as having the reception. So, it's a one stop shop! They will be providing the dinner, the cake and the DJ!

Then there is the dress. The picture that I posted is pretty much the same fit and style as my dress, except that mine is satin. No ruffles, no sparkles, just plain satin! I love it! I got it at Kambie's in Highland IL. Also the one that I tried on fit! So, I figured that was a good sign, hoping that when I returned at Christmas they will have to take it in!!
gdora83's Blue wedding
 |  Szeged, Szeged, Hungary  |  10/22/2008  | 
Wow, I love this dress, very romatic... :o) It's top side is similar to my dress in a way... Happy Planning!! :o)
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 |  USA  |  10/24/2008  | 
How beautiful!  You're going to be gorgeous, Boehne!
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I will be his Mrs in 28 days! I am loving how my gown is fitting. My last fitting went wonderfull...
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