Sep 9, 2010

Have any of you ladies heard of having a "first look" before? This is relatively new to me. A first look is when the bride, groom, and photographer (sometimes other people as the wedding party, etc) get together before the ceremony to do some pictures together. Typically, the groom will face the photographer and the bride will walk from behind him and then once she reaches him, they'll turn and look at each other and there you have the first look.

I've seen many a "first look" photo in the past 24hrs but the only ones I REALLY like are the ones where the first look is an intimate thing just between the bride and groom (and, well, the photographer of course).

What do you guys think of having a first look?

I really love the way some of the photos turn out but I think I'm still a traditionalist in the sense that I want my mans first look of me to be when I start my trek down the aisle.
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first look tryptch
first look with bridal party
first look with bride being sneaky sneaky lol
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Sykesville, MD, USA
I love the first look idea!.. but like you Im torn between the aisle walk thing. My fiance and I are really personal people, I think the first look will still be intimate and a shock, we can also knock out some of those formal pictures so we can have more fun at the reception, and I think it will also help ease the tension and nerves when Im walking down the aisle. If he's already seen me I really have nothing to be nervous about.. I love the 3rd picture!..
aaronsbridetobe's Blue wedding
Collinsville, IL, USA
I just posted something about this on my blog, too. If you want, check it out, and you can see what some of the other brides have said.
notabridezilla's Purple wedding
Redmond, WA, USA
did it and it was very romantic and exhilarating :) At first we wnated to take our pictures after  the ceremony, but due to time and the fact we didn't want to keep our guests waiting for an hour, we did it prior to the ceremony and made it special with the first look :) Definitely recommend other brides doing it too!
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Minneapolis, MN, USA
We did a first look and I wouldn't have traded that experience for the world! Seeing each other beforehand kept us calm and it was GREAT to have that extra time together on our wedding day. It goes so fast, was so glad we had all the time we could have together that day...

And walking down the aisle was still an incredibly special moment!

Here's a link to our first look, if you're interested:

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