Chocolate Wedding Dress OMG!! What a mess!!

Wedding Dress
OMG!! What a mess!!

Okay can anybody tell me why they shop at this FIRENZIA CITY OF BRIDES IN NORTH YORK? Awful, just awful. I was in three bridal parties and then my gf bought her wedding gown there. Everyone of them had such a terrible experience. Everyone!!! The first time, was in 2007 the dresses came in the wrong colour, the second bridal party (after I warned them about this place) their dresses came in 2 days before the wedding day and we could not do alterations, the third time I was in Montreal and the bride got me the dress, when she told me it was from there I feared big time. I was of course right again. The dress was crooked all twisted. I could no longer be in that party, My gf just got her wedding gown and it was all wrong, all wrong. The service is awful by this petite asian lady, who constantly talks asian infront of customers so nobody understands. I felt like I was in a "NAIL" salon.She is so rude to people, and when you call there she is clueless. I think she owns the joint, but is so miserable and is so fake with customers. People do not buy your dress there. I heard a rumour that she washes her samples and sells them. Stick to places like Ritche, Windsor, Bridal and Beyond. Be weary of this place. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseee.
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 |  Richmond hill, ON, Canada  |  05/13/2009  | 
My gf just called me and said that the lady is not willing to help her with her dress. What a nightmare. I feel so bad for her. The dress came in totally wrong. Did anyone have these problems. I know their were other bridal parties upset the same day we were there. I just want to complain so bad to the BBB. Is this valid?
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I will be his Mrs in 28 days! I am loving how my gown is fitting. My last fitting went wonderfull...
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