Aug 4, 2008

Idk where I got the idea, especially because I haven't been able to find a lot of information on the idea online, but I thought a foot washing ceremony would be beautiful and very spiritual in a wedding. The idea would be to do it in place of the candle and/or sand ceremonies to symbolize the vow to remain humble and serve each other equally in marriage. Since this isn't common, an explanation could be printed in the program and readings done to get the audience caught up.

Here are links to 2 different ways (the first at the ceremony and the second at the reception)

I think it's a great idea in theory, but it still seems very awkward while in practice... What do you ladies think? Have you ever heard of/seen this?
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bride2be0309's Pink wedding
Hattiesburg, MS, USA
I think its a great idea. It may seem a lil odd just because its different and not really done or traditional but because your explaining it or having it explained it shouldn't be a problem and will make it easier for people to understand the meaning and principal behind it. Some biblical people may or may not take offense because of the meaning behind Jesus's feet washing.....but may also take it in a great way. Kind of a toss up on that one but i personally think its a cute and creative thing to do with a sweet meaning behind it.
porcelainbride's Green wedding
Cary, NC, USA
there's not a chance in hell any one will get me to go anywhere near his feet! lol. great if you want to do it though.
akgilliam's Purple wedding
Arlington, VA, USA
Thanks for your thoughts chicas!
ladyhannah's Blue wedding
Vienna, Ghowr, Austria
I did this at my wedding.  It was the best part of the ceremony.  And so much less awkward than lighting a candle and standing through an entire song because the candle lighting only took 10 seconds.  I always feel a bit uncomfortable when I go to weddings and a song comes on and nothing happens, but you see them looking awkward and embarrassed.  We washed each others feet and concentrated only on what we were doing and how I was doing something for the one I loved and would spend my life with.  I thought of how I wanted to show that even if he becomes crippled and I have to wash his feet when they really are stinky and put his shoes on for him, I would still do it.  Everyone from our church and all our guests took it in a great way and say that was their favorite part.  He washed my feet the morning he proposed and we already knew that we were doing it at our wedding.  the meaning behind Jesus feet washing should not offend anyone.  It was a means of showing humility and also of showing what is deserving of love (even the prostitute) because she was willing to humble herself.  part of what we wanted from it was to show a purifying in our own lives and past relationships before we began our marriage together.  I look forward to seeing how you do this.
's  wedding
Gro Mambo Angela
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Hi I am Gro mambo, you can see a foot washing ceremony that I did at
's  wedding
Erie, CO, USA
Thank you for this - I want to do a foot washing ceremony at my wedding in November, and was just SURE I was the only one and that it was weird. Knowing others have done it is fantastic. Thank you!
's  wedding
League city, TX, USA
One of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever seen included this ceremony and it was truly beautiful!  This would be my have this much love and joy around me on my wedding day.  You can really feel the love when you watch this video.  It's amazing~
's  wedding
Kinston, NC, USA
The foot washing ceremony is a Christian faith tradition.  Jesus told his disciples at the last supper it is expecting of Christians to be humble servants.  If you are not willing to wash another's feet then you are not worthy of heaven.  John 13: 6-11 tells the story.  If you go to church regularly some churches still practice this as well as communion.   It would make an excellent gesture of marriage.  If each person is practicing to be the servant to the other, then I expect that to be a marriage to last til death do them part... not just til someone better comes along, til the money runs out, til I get bored, til the compliments and attention stops.   And your right porcelain bride, there is no way in hell there would be a footwashing ceremony.

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