Sorry it has been awhile, but I wanted to let you all know that our wedding went beautifully!! It turned out to be one of the hottest days and very little wind! We were all very sweaty but at least it wasn't raining!! The only glitches was that the speakers weren't working but luckily we know a guy who works at a local radio station who helped us out. Taylor and I both got teary when we said our vows :)

The reception was wonderful!! The lighting and decor was beautiful(will post pics later). And the food outstanding!! The groomsmen have us a going away gift by filling Taylor's pickup with beans and rice inside and decorating it with cool whip on the outside!!!!! Unfortunately we had to drive to Bismarck (about 100 miles) in those conditions!! Taylor surprised me and got the presidential suite for our wedding night and the following day we were off to our honeymoon in the Black Hills!

Married life is amazing and such a gift from God! Just last weekend I had both of our families over for dinner!! I seriously love being married and was totally worth the long engagement!
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Black We are MARRIED!!!
Black We are MARRIED!!!
Hey Gals!!

I am official moved in our house (but we are not living there until after we get back from our honeymoon)!! Everything went very well and the furniture fits in perfectly! The only thing that did go wrong was that my couch (which has a vinyl on bottom) got quite scuffed, but hopefully we can get a vinyl repair kit and fix it soon! I also got most of my kitchen/bathroom things put away and into the cabinets! However, I am taking another week and a half off after our honeymoon, so I plan to re-arrange some things to better spots so they are perfect (I am an interior designer/architectural drafter, can you tell?!) :)

I also took a new job with an engineering company closer to home and I plan on starting July 24th!

Now, in a week, my maid of honor arrives from Texas! Can't wait to see her! And everything else just needs to be organized and it will all fall into place! I printed out my vows this morning, we decided to write our own! Are any of you ladies writing your own vows?!

10 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!! :D
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10 DAYS!!!
OMG Ladies!!!! I am getting really discouraged... Last night I checked the monthly forecast and it said that there is an 81% chance of rain on our wedding day and all the decorations and plans I have are for outside! I am devastated and very stressed.!!! We do have a back up church, but I really don't like the church. I always wanted an outdoor wedding :(

I know it is still early, but a couple of weeks ago there was only a 25% chance and it was supposed to be cloudy! I am just stressing out to think of Plan B d├ęcor and flowers when I meet with my florist on Friday!

Please pray for a nice sunny day!!!
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Hey Ladies,

I was just wondering how many of your are getting pedicures for your big day?! I am getting French acrylic tips for a manicure, but I just don't want to spend the money to have a pedicure done and besides, who sees your feet anyway?! I would rather save money and do my own toenails.

What are you doing?!
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To pedicure or not to pedicure?!
Jun 17, 2013

Good afternoon ladies!!

18 days and counting for this bride to be!!! Soooo excited!!! :)

We are not having a reception dance, but we are doing lots of great music for both our ceremony and reception, so here is the list:


General seating and Seating for Family:
The Wedding Song - Kenny G
Titanic - Kenny G
Parents Seating and moms light unity candle:
Forever in Love - Kenny G

Cannon in D - Pachelbel

Bride Processional:
A New Day Has Come - Celine Dion

Special Song:
You Raise Me Up - My cousin is singing this song
The Prayer - A friend of ours is singing this during the lighting of the unity candle

Baby I Love Your Way - Big Mountain
Somebody Like You - Keith Urban

Bridal Party Reception Entrance Song:
L.O.V.E. - Chris Mann

Presentation of the Groom's Cake (a total surprise to the groom - a John Deere cake)
She Thinks My Tractors Sexy - Kenny Chesney

And that is my list!! :)
What songs are you doing?!
Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Black Wedding Music
June 19th: Getting hair touched up at JC Penney's

June 20th: Last day at my current job. Leaving at noon. Two job interviews in Jamestown. (2pm & 4pm)

June 21st: Wedding appointments in Jamestown: 10am with the florist and 1 pm with the caterer

June 23rd: Back to my apartment to pack up.

June 24th: Movers are here and as well as rest of family to move out of my apartment.

June 25th: Move into our house

July 1st: Wedding appointments in Jamestown: 10am with my decorator and 1pm with the photographer

July 2nd: My maid of honor arrives from Texas at Fargo airport.

July 3rd: More family arrives. Bridal party nail appointments. Family BBQ and decorating for my bridal shower.

July 4th: Brunch bridal shower, decorating at our reception hall and rehearsal and rehearsal supper. Also my dad goes to ceremony site to mow and spray for bugs

July 5th: OUR WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Oh Lord, please help me make it!!!
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So, I got the sparklers to do a sparkler exit when we leave the reception. The only problem is we are leaving right away for our honeymoon that night. I still want to have on my dress and he his tux for the picture of the sparkler exit and of course we can't take me dress or his rented tux with on our 5 day honeymoon! So do you have any ideas for us? I really don't want to do an exit and then have to come back in the reception hall.. ??

Thanks, ladies!!
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sparkler exit
Hey Ladies,

So I don't know what to wear to the rehearsal.. I had ordered a traditional white, very cute dress online, but when it came it didn't fit right (was way to short!). So now I have a hot pink dress that is super cute that I am thinking about wearing. Do you think that would be okay to wear?! I don't really want to spend more money on buying a dress. Our rehearsal is going to be outdoors and the dinner is going to be a casual bar/grill, so nothing too dressy.

Thoughts/comments on my hot pink dress?!


P.S. My dress is different from the photo..
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Good morning, Ladies!

So, how many of you are saving the top tier of your wedding cake for your 1st year anniversary?!?!

We are planning on just serving it that night, because anything left in the freezer for over a year does NOT in anyway sound good!!! Then on our honeymoon (we are going to the Black Hills of South Dakota & Mt. Rushmore), we plan to visit some wineries and pick up a great bottle of wine and open that for our 1st anniversary! :) Sounds so much better than year old cake!!! haha :)

Have a blessed Monday!
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