Feb 1, 2010

I am pleased to say that I have finally found my shoes after searches far and wide across the Bay Area and the World Wide Web.. Let me rewind my lengthy journey so you ladies understand how truly excited I am that these are THEE ONES:) and this is a lengthy post but please read if you are currently looking for wedding shoes because after EIGHT pairs, I have found some pretty affordable, cute, & comfortable brands out there.

First, I ordered 2 pairs from Ninashoes.com in fuschia. Even though they were a pair of the most comfortable shoes I had ever placed on my foot, one pair had jewels that clashed with my dress, and the other was way to high for the hem of my dress. RETURNED

Second, bought 2 pairs from shiekhshoes.com in pink. Not the most comfortable shoes. Definitely good for if you are looking for a more flashy and/or blinged out style. RETURNED

Third, (lol not over yet) bought 1 pair from Macy's by Caparros. This brand is also extremely comfy. Pillows to your feet!! Silver clashed with my ivory dress RETURNED and wanted to SCREAM!!

Fourth, Purchased some Ivory shoes from DSW that were also by Nina Shoes..Very comfortable, very cute shoes BUT they were not pink. At this point I'd given up on finding shoes in pink that were both comfy, affordable, and didn't clash with my ivory dress. RETURNED (sigh..couldn't get over wanting the pink shoes)

Fifth, a friend at work had some beautiful Swarvski crystal shoes. Adorable and comfortable, but they didn't fit. THANK YOU LIZ!

Sixth, bought 2 pairs from Zappos. Another Nina shoe newer style that I saw on another bride's blog. The Nina Elke and another one by Caparros. The Nina Elke's were too high for the dress hem. RETURNED, BUT the Caparros this time were right on point!! I love them!!

Shoe Buying Tips:
Over all, I know I sound like a crazy shoe shopping fanatic, but I wanna share some things with ladies on the shoe hunting part of the wedding planning.
HEIGHT: Please keep in mind that Zappos, and other online shoe dealers DO NOT always give accurate heel heights. Trust me..I know shoe secrets from working at a shoe boutique!! Zappos tends to measure the heel only, and not up to the true part that will affect the hem of your dress (be sure to measure from where your heel touches the sole to the bottom of the heel). Beware, you may think you are ordering 4 inch heels, but they may end up being 4.25. We ladies know that the .25 may matter when you are having to have the dress hem let out and dress hems can be expensive!

COMFORT: Nina Shoes & Caparros are 5 stars when it comes to affordable comfort! To increase the comfort of your shoe,look for ones that have a tad bit of a platform on them. They will treat your feet nice throughout the ceremony and reception!

If it were up to me, I'd have some Manolos that I've been eyeing, lol..but until then..the ones I have are the best for what I want to spend on shoes..

Happy Shoe Shopping Ladies!
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Nina Shoe 1
Nina Shoe 2
Shiekh Shoe 1
Shiekh Shoe 2
Caparros WINNING shoe
unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Harvey, IL, USA
Thanks for this!! Ya know I tried on one style of Ninas and they were pretty wobbly and not so comfy, I forget which pair they were. The others I tried on were good.
I am glad you found your shoes girl! You did with shoes what I did with my dress LOL!!
unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Harvey, IL, USA
BTW- Your shoes are BANGIN'!!!
's  wedding
Dallas, TX, USA
They look beautiful on Great shoes Mommy!!!!!.
honeybee's Purple wedding
Brandon, MS, USA
I'm about to be on the same journey! Thanks for giving us hope that it can be done! Your other shoes were just not meant to be because you ended up with the perfect shoe!!
summerbride2010's Black wedding
Greensboro, NC, USA
Cute shoes!!  Great choice!!..I love'em :-)
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
West haven, CT, USA
Good to know! Thanks! :)
alohabride2010's Blue wedding
Milpitas, CA, USA
thank you ladies!!  I am so excited that the search is over! Lol

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