Feb 26, 2010

I knew from the get go that I was going to have a monogram cake topper. I saw awhile back that someone posted that they had gotten one at Michael's. We were bored last weekend so we headed to Michael's to see if ours here in Knoxville had them.

We went in the wedding aisle and found the display of them. I found the S I needed. It was the last one. I looked at the price $14.99. Perfect...I had a 40% off coupon as well. Well as we are going to the checkout I notice a rhinestone is missing. It's in the box box it is not attached. My husband tells me to ask them for a discount since it is damaged. I figure it wouldn't hurt. It was the last one and I had to have it. I know we will just got home and crazy glue it back in but that's not the point.

They lady at the register was kinda rude. She said "well the rhinestone is there just glue it" I said I understand that but if I lose the rhinestone then what? And it isn't the point...when you buy something you expect to be able to use it without having to repair it. So she calls the manager who was amazing!!! He said "I'm so sorry but the best I can do is 25% off."

Holy crap I thought I may get 10% off. 25% was great with me! Then I go to check out and that was all I bought. She gives me the 25% off and then I give her my 40% off coupon. She gets soooo rude then she says, "Oh no no no. We already gave you 25% off I won't give you another 40% off too." Well then get the manager. He comes back and says that I most certainly can have my 40% off as well!!

So long story short I got my monogram cake topper for $5.74 AFTER tax! YEAH ME!!!!
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Cake topper with missing rhinestone
Monogram cake topper from Michael's
shakevat's Black wedding
Augusta, GA, USA
Hell yeah you did good with that!!
iloveshopping's Purple wedding
San diego, CA, USA
$5.74 for a monogram cake topper I don't think anyone can beat that price. I got mine at Micheal's too. I really like it. The S looks very pretty.
's  wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
love a good discount!!!! dislike rude cashier!!!
's  wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
That's an excellent purchase!  Michaels ought to be a shamed of theirselves, for treating their customers badly. Especially US FROM WBC!!! We are the one's keeping them in business!  DUHHH!!! I'm glad the manager applied your extra 40% off. Having to deal with a negative headache as that woman? Sheeeshhh! Good for you, Alwaysandforever!

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