Yellow candy table i got some candy jars

candy table
i got some candy jars

The other day my MH and i went out looking for candy jars under $15 dollars and we found all 4 of these each around $13 we found 2 at marshals, 1 at hobby lobby, and the really big one at target, now all i need is some bowls and candy.
fancypants08's Black wedding
 |  Bloomington, IN, USA  |  01/10/2009  | 
OMG that's so funny! I went to Goodwill, Marshalls and Hobby Lobby to get mine! I definitely have 3 of the same ones and 2 different ones... Gotta love good finds!!! :-D
amallmana's Yellow wedding
 |  Salem, WI, USA  |  01/10/2009  | 
yea i went to goodwill too but i didn't find anything
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