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scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
How many tables?  Are the tables banquet style - rectangular (less formal) or are they round (formal).

What colors are the table linens?  Will the tables to fully skirted? (will the tablecloths come to the floor)?
How high are the ceilings?

These are some questions that would help you decide on your spring centerpieces.
meadowcroft14's Green wedding
Madison, WI, USA
Just because I correlate spring with brighter colors, I would say the last one, but it's all up to how you envision your day to be. The month doesn't really matter I don't think. I love the 3rd one with the white (hydrangeas?) and the sticks. I saw that picture a long time ago and kept it. I just think it is so modern and chic. I would go with that if my theme was a little different.
amanda0411's Green wedding
Saint john, NB, Canada
There will be 15 tables - circular- white table linens- almost to the floor- 12 foot ceilings roughly.
kristi's Blue wedding
Saginaw, MI, USA
I love the simplicity of all of these.  Your ideas so far are very contemporary, the lines are clean (especially that fabulous cake in the post below this one!) and May is the month of fresh beginnings.  Depending on the elements of your reception site itself (carpet & wall color, especially) the all-ivory-and-green, with a hint of yellow will seem very relaxed & understated, but timeless, I think.  The second pic is gorgeous!  If you have a reception site that neutral you are a lucky girl.  You have some lovely ideas in the rest of your blog so far, too.
joeysgirl's Green wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I really like pictures, 1, 3, 8, and 10... going across the rows.  I personally have been stuck on your picture 10 for my own wedding.. square glass vase, hydrangea and river rock. I love it personally.  But, after looking at these pictures I'm starting to really love the third picture.. it seems that the square vases are being commonly used in weddings. This shape of vase in picture 3, is soo unique and pretty. More elegant  and clean/simple more than a modern touch. So do you want your wedding to feel elegant and whimsical or modern/chic?  The round bowl also captures the elegant effect.  hmm.. now I'm interested in where I could find those vases from picture 3. I haven't seen them around before!

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