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I have a Friday wedding next year and I cannot decide what time to start it,
Its about 45 min away from where most of guests are coming from.
I have to consider traffic and pictures- I want it to be light enough outside after the ceremony so we can take pictures outside and I want people to be able to make it on time.
If I start the ceremony at 5:00pm- people can still work and than hopefully miss rush hour traffic . and probably still be light out at 6:00pm for pictures. Does anyone else have any ideas =)
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 |  Herndon, VA, USA  |  12/19/2008  | 
Here are somethings you should probably take into consideration:

1)  The best lighting for pictures is the 2 hours at dawn and dusk.  You need to take into consideration the time of year it is and when the sun will set.  I can't remember the website I found, but just google Sunset times and you should find sites that will calculate the sunset on your day.  This will give you a better timeframe for when you should start your ceremony.

2) As nice of it of you to think of your guests and not taking off of work--I wouldn't schedule my ceremony time around this.  You will be putting people at a risk of either not making to your wedding on time and possibly delaying your ceremony along with minimizing the time to take pictures.  People will take off of work to ensure they make it your wedding--they will probalby welcome the chance to leave a little early or take the day off entirely.  

3)  If traffic is especially heavy on Fridays I would buffer in a greater window--people somehow get crazier on Fridays with driving and there may be accidents and you really don't want to have any guests miss your ceremony if it can be helped.

All in all...pick a time that suits you and others will shift their schedules to accomodate your needs.  I know it's nice to try to accomodate those who will be coming, but it's your day so pick a time that you will be comfortable with without having to rush things or feeling stressed.
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 |  Saint john's, NL, Canada  |  12/19/2008  | 
I, too have been wondering this.  We're marrying in Sept '09 on a Friday, and I'm guessing our ceremony will be about 45 min as well.

One of the things to consider is your bridal party's scheduals.  My BMs are in school, and may (hopefully not) have friday pm labs that they can't miss.

If your wedding is later in the year, then it may get dark too early, and you won't get all the pics you want.  

Also, take into consideration how many locations you plan on taking pics at, and the distance to the reception location.
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