i have found it incredibly helpful to do all of my planning on weddingwire.com. its free and comes with great tools like a suggested checklist that can be customized to your personal needs, an app for the iphone, a great budget tool, a place to keep all of your names and addresses, a huge vendor list, a website to keep your guests updated, share your registries from, and accept rsvp's on and many more features. i recommend it for anyone who needs a little help or wants to keep their binders online instead of in an actual binder.
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Blue Wedding Planner or website...
Since we are tying legos and candy together we decided on a square top cake in red velvet with square cupcakes in red velvet, yellow, and chocolate cakes along with some sugar free cupcakes for the diabetics in our families. these will fill in a square platform to look like one giant lego cake. i also bought the cake topper from lego.com keyword: wedding.

the rest of the table will have many different jars filled with various candies and sugar free candies and of course we will have lego candies to play with and eat.

my fiance is not the dancing type so in lieu of a dollar dance we will also have a gumball machine to fund the beginning of the rest of our lives.
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Blue DIY Wedding Cake table
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this is not my exact bouquet but these are the flowers i want. i was thinking about carrying daisies and having my girls carry smaller bouquets of the same flower and then having my flower girls drop capped daisies down the sides of the aisles. daisies are my all time favorite flower and also happen to look a lot like lego flowers. dual purpose... i think so :) for the ceremony i wanted to combine them with hydrangeas and for the reception the flowers will be candy.
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Blue Wedding Flowers hopefully
We really didnt have to think too hard on our party but the drama that came with it was more then expected. the minute Adam proposed i called my maid of honor and told her im getting married and shes the moh (we had already talked about it so yes i did ask ahead of time) my second call was to wake up my mother who wasnt enthused because it was midnight but was happy for us. Adams first call was to his best friend ( who was on his honeymoon since it was his wedding we were just at.) Those were the only people we called so they were our first choices. I also asked my cousin Jen who was kind of responsible for us ever meeting even if i did unintentionally steal her man. this brought our party to 2 bridesmaids and a best man. i asked my little cousins to be flower girls. they're sisters and adorable. plus i need 2 girls to make my vision work. we weren't going to have a ring bearer because i didnt know any little boys but i just found out yesterday that my future sister-in-law will be having a boy 2 weeks before the wedding so i may have to ask...

the drama came when i tried to coordinate an appointment for my girls. due to a fight shortly after Adam and I met, my bridesmaids dont like each other but will tolerate each other for my sake. needless to say its hard to get them in the same room together and forget about them trying to be happy.

about 2 weeks ago my cousin decided to back out. i thought about just sticking w/ one girl to make the party even but since ive done so much planning and already picked out 2 colors i like i decided to ask a friend at work that ive gotten really close to over the last 2 years. she said yes and we're getting her dress on sunday :)

hopefully no more drama
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I got my dress 3 days after he proposed. the plan was to go looking for bridesmaids dresses and i happened to do some research ahead of time and took some pictures of both my dress and my bridesmaids dresses to the appointment. the one bridesmaid that came with me only wanted to try on one dress so instead of wasting the appointment i decided to have some fun. the first dress i tried on was similar to my favorite picture and it was perfect. i didnt even want to look at any others. but to keep my mom happy i tried on five different styles. as the lady said, you never know you might like a different style more. we ended up buying the first dress. now, you might think im crazy buying my dress over a year before my wedding but it was the dress, my size, discontinued and on sale. how could i not buy it? this picture is not my dress but i wont show it to anyone but my mom and bridal party till the big day. a girl's gotta have some surprises right?
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How We Met:

My cousin Jen used to work with Adam. The three of us had a few movie nights and I was actually trying to get the two of them together. Then the day before Thanksgiving, Jen and I were in Walmart wasting some time when I found a pair of sleepshorts cut to resemble a jesters hat but colored red and green for Christmas. I about lost it I was laughing so hard and when I took a picture with my phone she said I should send it to Adam since he didn't know my number. Being michevious I also included a message stating that I wanted him to wear these shorts the next time I saw him. I then had to wait for three hours and when no response came I sent a second text, couldn't help myself, stating that maybe I would wear them next time I saw him. That got a response! We ended up texting the rest of the night and then all day during Thanksgiving the following day. That evening I asked Adam if he was working the following day because i knew he had to get up early and I didn't want to keep him awake all night. The response I recieved was, "No. Why? Do you want to hang out?" Of course I answered yes! A year and seven months later he asked me to marry him.

Our engagement was no surprise as we had been talking about it for a while and due to my allergy to most metals I actually had to pick my ring for him.

Two days before a package from ups came and I had to sign for it and when I asked him about it he couldn't stop smiling so I knew what it was and started telling my closest friends to be expecting it :)

How He Proposed:

Saturday June 18, 2011, we spent the evening at his friends wedding reception. After we got home we were laying on the bed talking about weddings and friends and he started messing with my hair. He kept pushing it in my face and I was starting to get annoyed so I turned my head away from him. Then, out of no where i hear, "Well I was going to wait till tomorrow..." I thought, what the heck is he talking about and turned back to face him. He had the box open, laying on his stomach. All I could manage was, "Really?" he said, "Well fine. If you don't want it..." To which I replied, "Are you going to ask me?" He did and of course I said YES! It may not have been romantic but it was 100% Adam and I loved it more for that reason

That was in June and here we are in March already. I haven't had much time for planning but i will work on posting what i have.
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