Jul 9, 2008

If I had to chose 2 themes for my wedding, they would be RED (of course) and LIGHT!!!

I have a very clear idea of what I want! A soft, warm light with many many candles!

First I didn’t know very well where to put them, but after some research I know, its easy...they will be everywhere!, at the tables somehow with the centerpieces, (we will have light under the tables), at the second floor, and the most important: hanging from the ceiling at different heights inside crystal bubbles.

I think that gives an extra spark and a romantic touch to the place. I hope my wedding organizer at the can help me with that!!!
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at the entrance
that's the mood I want.. well maybe not that dark
with the cake
's  wedding
Las vegas, NV, USA
Where did you get the candles in the first picture? Thanks!
ameinred's Red wedding
Carmen, Campeche, Mexico
sorry I don't know... I asked my flower decorator
's  wedding
Have you seen you lovel lights that you can put outside - they are in white paper bags, with sand in the bottom to weigh them down and little tea lights inside - they look gorgeous to light up a path and very inexpensive (just use paper bags)
nikkchikk's Pink wedding
Las vegas, NV, USA
Thatnks, that;s okay. I found a bunch online and posted them on my blog

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