Wedding Invitation
Final design!

Our invitations where supposed to be one of my DIY projects... but I don't have the time anymore, so we went with a graphic designer and she will take care of everything and will respect my design!!! Great!!!

The black thing will be a personalized ribbon that matches the inside design.

Finally I just what to post one of the most special parts of our invitations: the pray we made the day we knew we where met to be together. We wrote it down and kept it until this moment when we will be able to share it with the people we love the most!

"GOD blesses this FAMILY and guide us trough his way, give us strength to be always as one; wisdom and maturity to take care for each other. Give us HIS love, tenderness and patience.
Dad we put ourselves in YOUR hands to follow YOUR plans holding hands with the commitment to keep GROWING with YOU until the last day of our lives. We love you!"
amcs76's Green wedding
 |  Whitby, ON, Canada  |  09/25/2008  | 
These are beautiful! I wish I knew spanish so I could understand what it says on the invitation...but it looks pretty!
ameinred's Red wedding
 |  Carmen, Campeche, Mexico  |  09/25/2008  | 
Thank you so much Ashley!!!! I'll post pics when I get them!!!!
tcolebro's Purple wedding
 |  London, KY, USA  |  04/03/2010  | 
I know  you're not really on here any more but that prayer is so beautiiful!!!   What a wondeful way to acknowledge God in  your relationship.  May God bless your marriage always
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First of all I have to give props up to Rhonda here at WBC! She is amazing and created our invit...
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