Apr 20, 2011

Hi Ladies,

Trust we are all still good and ahead of plans,

I have been bugged about living arrangements since Father Steve asked about it on our last session with him.......

FH and I have not had any serious talk about where to from THE wedding.....we have been happy planning along talking about everything but that.....I live at home at the moment( threatened to move out since the age of 21) and he lives alone in a bachelor pad in crowded noisy town......

So,got me curious, what are your plans Ladies, moving in before wedding, after wedding, already live together. moving out of town together????

I am not big on the City life and he is all about the City that never sleeps.....
I guess we will have a lot to talk about won't we?!
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hashbrown's Pink wedding
London, ON, Canada
Josh and I bought a house together in last November and we are getting married this August. It was the best move ever. We are so much more compatible, happier and living with each other is a real eye opener and has made us stronger.
Both Josh and I are from the counrty so it was easy to know where we wanted to live.
Definitly talk about where you want to live together and it never hurts to going to look at places to get an idea of what you both like. It makes things easier and then you know what you can agree on and who knows, maybe he will find something outside of the city!
kristah's Green wedding
Surrey, BC, Canada
We moved in together after the wedding, but got the keys to the place about a month before, so the actual 'move' was done. Saved us the stress of unpacking the week after the wedding, lol.

I'm opposite of you, I grew up in a city and he grew up in the boonies, so we compromised a bit and are on the outskirts of the city now :)
ammyrsa's Yellow wedding
Durban north, 02, South africa
Hashbrown....thast so great, I think I am a bit scared of moving, I think I still need my own house training...lol, but glad it works out for the both of you....Happy for the both of you :)

Kristah, think we will also probably do it like the both of you, love the compromise, Congrats sweety, we have also started talking about it a bit....looking around!

Thanks Ladies...sorry for late acknowledgement...was on Easter holidays!
princesni's Pink wedding
Luanda, Luanda, Angola
wow we have just set a date and ppl are already asking where will we live! LOl. since we will be building our own house, in the meantime we will rent so we have to look for that... we want it in the city(traffic here alone can kill u so the closer the better LOL) but since its too expensive well just have to wait and see... but for now each of us is staying with the parents...
ammyrsa's Yellow wedding
Durban, Canillo, South africa
Thats nice!!,
building your own home! thats sounds great!
We will also be looking for a place soon! I want to come back to my own place after honeymoon!

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