Wedding dress Cartoon!
Cartoon to keep you smiling...
Wedding dress Cartoon!
Cartoon to keep you smiling...Wedding dress Cartoon!

Wedding Dress
Bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding!

Of course the first thing any bride wants to do is go wedding dress shopping. Honestly, I think it's a good idea because it gets you to really think about the wedding and sets the tone for everything. For example, if you go in thinking you want an informal gown and then come out with a formal gown, then maybe your wedding should be on the more formal side even though you may have been thinking otherwise....I don't know...may just be my excuse to go SHOPPING!!!! Anyway, I've got my gown and am so excited. It's coming in at the end of November. I ordered it in the middle of August. I'd post a picture of it but my fiance might look at this blog and I don't want him to have any idea of what I'm wearing. Sorry all. I always love to see what everyone else is wearing.
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my gown
I will be his Mrs in 28 days! I am loving how my gown is fitting. My last fitting went wonderfull...
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