Feb 14, 2010

So...on Friday I had possibly the worst day imaginable!

On Thursday I went for a trial spray-tan (in prep for the wedding) and woke up on Friday looking like a carrot, then I was the butt of many a joke at work, one of the boys i teach was incredibly insolent, i ran out of petrol in 40 degree heat, had a headache from hell and subsequently missed my trial makeup for the wedding...

my bm had texted to invite me over to her place with some of the bridal party for 'DVDs and takeout'...just a chance to get to spend some QT together. I fell onto the bed after an exhausting day, fell asleep after taking two strong painkillers. Mom (who was in on the plan) woke me up and said you're gonna be late, so i jumped into the shower, but didnt have time to reapply make-up or even was my hair!

FH (also in on the plan...the little sneak!) then drove us to bm's house for a quiet night in...but when i got there, there were tons of cars parked in the yard (at this stage, one would assume i became aware of some plotting, but alas!) then my two bm's came out the house, both wearing pink tights (still no idea! sure my mind was foggy from the painkillers)

when i walked into the kitchen and saw snacks in the oven, i kinda started getting suspicious...then....


the girls had planned a surprise pamper party! it was so beautifully arranged...the theme was 'pink and silver' and they dressed me up in the cutest little outfit! they had kept in mind what i'd mentioned i wanted for a hen's party...it was just as i'd imagined it would be! i didn't have to trail around town with a french maids outfit, stopping at bars for tips from men ;)

I got so incredibly spoilt and now i will not even need to go shopping for honeymoon lingerie!
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looking worse for wear!
my cute outfit
two gorgeous bms
official photographer
me and the two bestest bm ever!

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