painted nails
painted nails
painted nails black&white photo
painted nailspainted nails black&white photo

French Manicure vs. Colour
~The Great Debate~

I've noticed alot of the B2B are debating whether or not to have a french manicure on their big day!

I can fully understand this because personally i'm not much of a french manicure girl either! As a beauty therapist i always encourage my clients to go for colour - i think a pop of colour on your nails is *fabulous*.

But...those of you considering going for a colour on your big day, especially hot pink or postbox red - either on your fingers or you toes, think carefully!

painted nails tend to come out like black 'spots' in black & white/sepia photographs! in colour photos they look really *fun* though

so if you were hoping for some black&white/sepia shots of your super cute shoes or a close-up of you & FH exchanging wedding bands... they might just be spoiled :(

so as much a french manicure is bordering on being 'boring'...they look a lot more natural in photos!

And usually in the excitement of the fast approaching nuptials, such small details are rarely ever considered!
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