Feb 11, 2008

well, first off, the rings beside the post... the single stone is what i currently have, but the other oner is the one he is getting me, and its a set!!!

but anyways!! on thursday(valentines day), well be engaged for a year!!! i remember it just like it was yesterday!! i remember going to his house, and i walked in and gave him his stuff. once he opened his gifts, he said he had something for me in his room, so we went back there. when we got in there i asked him what it was bc i didnt see anything. he told me my present was on the bed, i told him to get it. lol. it was a little fiber optic thing with 2 little teddy bears on it and it played a song and lit up. on the front, both bears were holding on to the same pocket, and shane reached in that little pocket and pulled out the ring, he got down on one knee and said ' angela i love you so much, will you marry me?'

DUH!!!! i said yes!!!! i love him so much!!! it still schocks me that were together!! weve known each other our whole lives, and never did either one of us think that we were gonna get married!!!! this man means the world to me!! i can honestly say that on September 6, 2008, i am going to marry my best friend!!!!
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Charlotte, NC, USA
What a fun & sweet engagement story!  Congratulations.

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