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Would these work for a spring wedding?

So I thought I had centrepieces figured out. Only problem? I can't fidn the supplies for cheap enough anywhere.

Today I was browsing google images for centrepieces and found the one on the left. Instantly I fell in love with it. Our colours are blues and white. Best part? Our Christmas tree is already decorated in these colours so we have loads of ornaments that would fit our wedding.

But here's the issue: Our wedding is in May.

Do you ladies think it would be possible to use Christmas Ornaments in our centrepieces in a way that wont make our guests questionif we'd lost our minds?

Personally I think it would be fine (and cheap! Post-Christmas ornament buying would make this super budget friendly.) but I want to get you ladies opinion on it too.
xoxhiswifeyxox's Purple wedding
 |  Mississauga, ON, Canada  |  12/20/2010  | 
I love it!! I really think it would work!!
lilmissriss's Purple wedding
 |  Rockville, MD, USA  |  12/20/2010  | 
I love it!  I didn't even realize those were Christmas ornaments in the picture until I read your post!
kittieswed's Purple wedding
 |  Brooklyn, NY, USA  |  12/20/2010  | 
I think it'll work if your event is in the evening
annamarie's Blue wedding
 |  Brockville, ON, Canada  |  12/20/2010  | 
Yes, it'll be in the evening. Thinking I might try to find some battery operated fairy lights to mix into the vase too so the centrepiece light up. :)
calan11's Purple wedding
 |  Winnipeg, MB, Canada  |  12/20/2010  | 
i think they look great and they will be fine for a spring wedding!
uberblondebride's Blue wedding
 |  Calgary, AB, Canada  |  12/20/2010  | 
hmm...maybe make sure that you can't see the hanging part so that they look like balls and not xmas ornaments.
nursekc909's Black wedding
 |  Irvine, CA, USA  |  12/21/2010  | 
i think it looks beautiful and can def be a spring thing....but like uberblondebride suggest, try and hide the hanging part so it doesnt look christmasy, the hanging part gives it away lol, other than that they look lovely :)
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