Apr 4, 2010

Dan and I have been together for 8 months. We've been engaged for a little over a month of that. We've moved so fast but it still feels so perfect.

We met online last July and we had an instant attraction. We were attracted to each other (physically and personality) before we even met. On our first date we talked for hours about everything. He is so easy to talk to.

It wasn't long before we were spending every spare minute together. A lot of the time we just sat at his apartment and watched movies but I didn't care. He made me happier than I'd ever been, even when we weren't doing anything special.

When I moved in with Dan after only 5 months no one questioned it. I was already there almost every night of the week of the week. Not long after that we found out I was pregnant.

We were both so excited to be Mommy and Daddy but sadly about a month ago I miscarried. It was heartbreaking but it made us closer than ever. Now we're getting married so we can start a family the "right way".
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Barrie, ON, Canada
My FH, and I met online, as well! I had a bf at the time, but FH was persistent.. and, after 5 months of chatting, and phone calls, we met for coffee.. the rest is history! :] When you know, you know, right? ;]
I'm so sorry for your loss..

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Hi girls. 1st congrats to the ladies who were just married and who have crossed over to marriage....