For a while I hadn't been too sure about having a wedding website. A lot of our guest are technologically challenged so I didn't know if making one even made sense. But after some careful consideration I sat done and make us a website. It's about a day and half worth of off and on work - and I had prewritten what I wanted on most of the pages before hand.

But here you go ladies, for your viewing pleasure:

When I first joined the Knot I didn't really like the website builder. I think it was mostly because how long the url is. But after trying other websites the Knot was the best FREE site I found.
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Blue Wedding Website annamarie's Wedding Website is Complete!
Only six months until I become a Mrs. I am so excited. I can not wait to be able to tell the world that FH is my husband.

So what have I been up to?

Wow, so much has progressed wedding-wise in the past little while. I haven't had to post about barely any of it.

We've booke a DJ. I really like the guy. His cost is $600 including a $100 deposit and he'll be there from dinner until the end of the reception (7pm-1pm).

My mother has offered to cater our wedding. We will be having a ham and scalloped potatoes buffet dinner. There wont be many options, but this is giving FH and I the oppertunity to be able to have a dinner at our wedding. Don't know how much it will cost yet. Depends just how much Ham goes on sale this spring.

Save the Dates are complete and ready to be dropped in the mail. All except the few addresses we still need. I'm really glad I never need to gather so many addresses again in my life.

I've lost some weight since I bought my wedding dress (not intentionally, I'm convinced that I'm just finally loosing my baby fat) so I went back to the store to try it back on to make sure it fit. It looks even more amazing than the first time I tried it on. My veil also came in. :)

Our engagement photos should be coming back soon. It was exactly a month yesterday which the approximent time frame she'd given us that we'd get them back. I can't wait. The few she showed us on her camera were AMAZING.

FH and I have started discussing ideas of what we'd like to do for our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties and by the sounds of it neither FH or I intend on having a wild time. We've even discussed meeting up at the local pub later in the night with both the boys and girls and finishing the night up together. FH is really hoping to go to a hockey game for his party and I'm leaning more towards a lingerie party or possibly going out of town to a musical.

Well I hope all you other May 2011 brides are enjoying planning your wedding as much as I am and that everything is coming along great for you. <3
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6 months!
I haven't gotten the okay from all my bridesmaids but as of now I am thinking that they should all wear Infinity Dresses. They all have very different body types and range in age.

My mom is my MOH and her one request was to not be dressed like a 20 year old. In the infinity dress she'll be able to wrap it to cover herself up more and the dress works awesome in plus sizes too so I think it'll be very flattering on her.

My one bridesmaid has some unflattering (tacky) tattoos on her upper chest which the infinity dress will work to cover up. I'm not anti-tattoo, I'd just like the ones on her chest to be covered. Her arm tattoos can be free to show because they aren't as noticable and much prettier designs.

My baby sister is a bridesmaid as well. She will only be 14 on the day of the wedding so it's important to me that what she's wearing is age appropiate. If my baby sister wants to dress sexy, she can do so not around me.

I'm not totally set on the length of the dresses yet either. Infinity dresses usual come in either knee length or floor length. I think I'll let my girls take a vote and whichever style gets mor votes will be the length we go with.

As for colours my MOH wil be wearing a navy blue while the other girls be in a bright, almost Tiffany-esque blue. This is another request of my mother. What she will be wearing on the day of the wedding has been a battle since the day I asked her to be my MOH. Hopefully this dress will be one that I don't need to fight with her about.

I think another thing that sells me on this dress is that it is actually versatile. Unlike most BM dresses they claim can be worn over and over again, this one actually can be. It can be dressed up or down. Even used as a tunic shirt or skirt.

What do you girls feel about the Infinity Dress?
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Yesterday FH and I got our engagement photos done. It was amazing but there were times it didn't go smoothly so here's my tips on planning for your session.

DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. If its cold out wear sweaters. I was in a short sleeve shirt and froze. I spent loads of time planning our outfits but never though about how cold it gets in October. Along those lines, dress practicly. If your getting your pictures done in a park or field, put on a pair of comfy shoes for the walk. Keep the heels off until its picture time.

GET DIRECTIONS AHEAD OF TIME. We waited until yesterday morning to get directions. Bad decision. We ended up getting lost and arriving 45 minutes late. Luckily our photographer is awesome and we got extra time infront of the camera - 3 hours instead of the 2 we were supposed to get. But I still wish I'd taken the time figure it out and plan out the best way to get there ahead of time.

PROPS ARE GOOD. But loads of them aren't. We only had time to use two of the props that we had brought. If your time is limited with your photographer I'd say that two props work best. We used a rose and silly string.

PLAN LIKE CRAZY. If you're anything like me you probably have 50 different lists directed to your wedding day. I wish I'd planned that much for enagement photos. Yesterday morning I felt so unorganized. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Make a list and stick to it. It'll make getting ready for your Engagement session more fun and less stressful.
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This Sunday we are meeting our photographer at the McKenzie King Estates up near Ottawa, about a 2 hour drive from here. It's totally worth it though, all the photos I posted in this post were all taken there. It looks so beautiful. FH and I intend to take a picnic supper with us and our own camera so we can enjoy the sights once our photos are done.

I told FH his job for the engagement photos was to look at ones online and decide what he likes. He's very traditional about a lot of things so I was so surprised he told that we wanted silly photos with dollar store props with only a couple serious photos to please our parents. Perfect! Because that's what I had wanted too.

So Sunday morning before we hit the road we'll be stopping at Dollarama to pick up our props. What FH is wanting to get includes...

Toy guns.
A chalkboard.
Silly string.
Gourds (little pumpkins)
A small scarecrow.

Other than buying the props all we need to do before Sunday is a little grooming, hem our pants, and buy me a new pair of converse.
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McKenzie King Estates
Mckenzie King Estates
McKenzie King Estates
This week we put the deposit down on our minister. We went through the company All Seasons Wedding - any Ontario brides should check them out. We haven't met face to face with her yet but by her discription I'm very positive she is the right match for FH and I. It's costing us $300 which includes a planning meeting about a month before the wedding and unlimited help in planning our ceremony through their online resources and phone/email contact with our minister. She's willing to completely customize our ceremony for us which is awesome because FH is not a religious person and isn't a big fan of our wedding being centre around God.

Booking the minister is just another one of those things that makes this all seem so real. I've been giddy and happy all week because of it. :)
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I posted a little while ago about cutting my guest list. FH and I dream of a wedding with no more than 100 guests. My dad's family would make for half that guest list. When we'd been cutting we cut family and friends of my mothers and friends of ours but none of my father's family.

My father is not financial involved with the wedding nor is very involved with my life. I brought up guestlist cuts to my mother today and she didn't take it very well. She is currently upset and in all truth very pissed off about this. She raised me with the help of her family and friends. For almost half my life my father and his family were not in the picture.

Her point was that it wasn't fair to her or the people who had always been there for me that my father's family gets invited and she gets next to no representation at the wedding.

I hadn't seen it this way before but I completely agree with her. I came home and wrote a list of who mattered to me that they were there - 90% of that list was my mothers family. I started rethinking everything.

So from there FH and I have came up with Plan B.

On our wedding day we are only inviting those we are close to but trying to split it evenly between all of our parents and us.

But after the wedding we're going to have a "second reception" of sorts. It will be no where near as fancy as our actual wedding day. Instead it will be a big backyard bbq with all of my Dad's side of the family.

Now to figure out the budget to make this work ....
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Plan B
I'm almost positive I did one of these way back when I started planning. Which feels like a bajillion years ago! It seems like everything wedding related has changed since then so I figured it was time for a new survey.

How long did you date before you got engaged?
We got engaged on April 18th. We'd been dating almost 7 months.

Did you get the ring you wanted?
Yup, I did. We went ring shopping to give him ideas of what I liked - he bought the one that I said I loved.

Was the proposal a complete surprise?
Yes and no. FH asked me if I wanted to marry him back in February. We'd gone ring shopping but FH had a fair bit of credit card debt that needed to be paid off. He'd told me it'd probably be May/June before he'd have the money to buy me a ring.
One day (April 18th) we went for a walk around town and were sitting on "our bench" down on the river. All of a sudden he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand.
The proposal itself was a surprise, not that he did it.

Do you wish you had a bigger/smaller diamond? If so How big or small?
Its perfect. It has a lot of small diamonds instead of one big one. :)

Did you cry when he proposed?
There were a couple happy tears. Mostly I was super excited.

Was the proposal romantic or creative?
Romantic and meaningful.

When do you want to go for your honeymoon?
It'll be about a month after. FH's contract is done mid-June so if he takes anytime off within the last month we forfits his unemployment - which would not be good.

Are you buying his wedding band for him?
I am but he picked it out himself. Let me tell ya, that boy has expensive tastes.

Have you gone over your original wedding budget?
In a few catagories we have - Photography being the big one. But in the big scheme of things we're still completely under.

What day of the year will your wedding be?
Saturday, May 14th, 2011

What kind of weather?
Hopefully it'll be just right tempature wise. It doesn't need to be sunny just not rainy.

Inside or outside?
Both our ceremony and reception are indoors.

Church/justice of the peace/other?
We're having an officiant who will let us change things however we like. I'm Christian but FH isn't so we're eliminating some of the God stuff and putting in stuff that suits FH as well.

How many people will be there?
We're aiming for 100. We're inviting 130 - which is the maximum number of guests we can have.

Time of day?
We're thinking of starting our ceremony at 7 and reception at 8.

Any kind of theme?
Summer-y bright blue and white.

How many on each side of the wedding party? Who are they?
My side will consist of three girls and two flowergirls:
My mom is my MOH.
And my baby sister and a mutual friend of FH and me will both be bridesmaids.
My neice and a friends daughter - who will both be almost 4 years old - will both be flowergirls.

FH's side will be three.
His dad is going to be his BM.
And one of his close friends and my baby brother are both groomsmen.

What kind of cake/what will it look like?
We are making one ourselves. We're not sure of waht flavour it will be - likely one that we can both actually agree on. He's a chocolate and vanilla sort of guy, I like the fancier stuff. We are serving a dessert buffet so two out of three teirs of our cake will be made of foam. The first two tiers on the bottom will be foam and FH wants a fish tank between the second and third layers. On top FH is on a search for a caketopper of a Bride and Groom fishing. The cake will be white and blue to match our theme.

I don't love the above idea. Brides be ware: When you give FH full control over something, you'll be screwed out of anything you may have originally wanted.

Where will the reception be?
Our towns Legion.

What kind of dress?
It is champagne with a tulle and applique overlay, strapless with a sweetheart neckline with a short train.

What kind of flowers in your bouquet?
The kind that aren't real. I will be making a felt and button bouquet for myself. The felt flowers will be gerbera daisies.

Kind of engagement ring?
It is a white gold ring, with three diamonds shaped as a heart. Around the heart is an outline of tiny little diamonds then on each side of that there is 4 more small diamonds inset into the band. Its really beautiful, and so unique.

Kind of wedding bands?
My engagement ring was part of a Bridal Set. My wedding band is white gold like a enagement ring with a line of diamonds inset into it. It slides in right underneath the point of the heart on my engagement ring making it all look like one.

FH is currently in love with a white gold band with a black sandblasted stripe around it and two small black diamonds in the middle.

How are you wearing your hair?
I plan to wear my hair down for the wedding day. I'm hoping they can blow my curls out a little bit so they are a little more tame. I considered extensions but really my hair is already WAY too long as is.

Who will be important to be there?

Will the reception be big or small?
Closer to the small end of things.

What will the groom wear?
FH is wearing a grey suit with a beautiful paisley tie in our colour of blue and converse.

How long is the honeymoon?
We're aiming for abour 5 days.

What will you do?
Go to Niagara Falls and experience everything there is to experience.

Will it be modest or costly?
Modest, for sure.

What will you stay in?
I'm hoping we'll stay in one of the fancier hotels over looking the Falls.

How old will you and the groom be?
I will be two months from 20 - young, I know - and FH will be 25.

How long will you be engaged before you got married?
A little over a year.

Live together before or wait till married?
We were already living together before we became engaged.

Take a long time to plan the wedding or will it be simple?
In the end it will look like a simple wedding, but there are many small details that make it take so long to plan.

Will you do it yourself or with family or hire someone to plan the wedding?
It's all the FH and I.

Will you write your own vows or use something pre-made?
We will be using pre-written ones however not the average "I, Anna, take you, [insert FH's name], to be my lawful, wedded husband". We are both looking seperately for vows which fit our feelings.
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Blue Wedding Planner annamarie's wedding survey!
I am very muc ha crafty bride. I sew, scrapbook and stumble around most other crafts. When I first saw a felt and button bouquet, I fell in love.

A couple of weekends ago I went supply shopping and bought:
Felt - in both white and bright blue
Buttons - in both white and bright blue
Thread - that matches the felt
Floral Wire
Ribbon - in bright blue to wrap the handle

I also found this pattern online: which I plan to use to make my gerbera daisies for my bouquet.

Now all I need to get my bum in gear and actually craft.
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Felt Flower - Bouquet and Boutenniere
FH and I started off wanting to have a small wedding - no more than 100 people - but then we started writing it down and realised our families are way to big. My dads family alone - just including aunts, uncles and cousins - comes to 50 guests.

So our original draft came to about 120 guests, not too far over our original number. And then came our parents wish lists.

FH's dad is in a serious relationship and therefore we need to invite her children - makes sense, we just hadn't thought about it.

My mom wants us to invite all my great-aunt and uncles along with some of my grandparents friends and her friends. I would love to make her happy but she added atleast 20 people to our list!

FH's Mom wants us to invite people she works with that neither of us have ever met. Whatever makes the monster-in-law happy right?

My dad just began dating a woman who already has three kids, two of which are old enough to want dates. As much as I love his new girlfriend dearly, that just added 6 to my guestlist.

We sat down the other day trying to figure out how we can cut down our list.

NO KIDS just didn't work for us. My family has a lot of kids, but my family is also very close knit. Dan's family is some across Canada and they wouldn't really travel if they couldn't bring their kids.

NO GUESTS wasn't an option either. We each have people who mean the world to us but really know one else who will be at the wedding. We want them to feel comfortable and have someone to talk with if they choose not to mingle.

We continued to stare at the list and noticed that atleast 80% of the guests were family. So how could we cut family? ONLY IMMEDIATE FAMILY. No second cousins, great aunts, Grandpa's best friends.

We are now back down to around 120 guests. Much better then the 170 where we were hoping people would RSVP no so that our hall wouldnt be crazy crowded.

Next stop will be telling my mother that her wish list has been scrapped.
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