Feb 7, 2009

My wedding dress designer swears by people needing to wear the same coloured shoes as the colour of their dress, but I don't necessarily agree. She says that if the shoes are a different colour than the dress they stick out in the photos and not in a good way. The shoes I've chosen are an ivory colour and my dress will be white. I absolutely looooove my shoes and I still want to wear them. (I bought them online on sale and hadn't chosen my dress yet) What do you ladies think? Are your shoes going to be the same colour as your dress?
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My shoes
Chocolate Ask a Question Are you matching your shoes to your dress?
mrsw2008's Blue wedding
Wasilla, AK, USA
My shoes will either be pink or gold and my dress is ivory! I dont really see why they need to match, my dress is long! And Ivory and white..thats not a huge difference! No one at the wedding is going to be like OMG..did you see her IVORY shoes..her dress is white! No one will even be able to tell! Its all about you! If you dont care then its a non issue do what you want! If you like the shoes wear them!!
terabyte01's Blue wedding
Austin, TX, USA
My shoes are going to be navy satin and my dress bright white organza. It obviously doesn't matter to me that they match, I wanted to wear blue shoes to begin with. mrsw2008 is right though, no one will be able to see them in the pictures. Only the pictures you specifically take of the shoes. I wouldn't worry about it. Wearing shoes you love is more important. Make yourself happy in the end.
nattynatbug's Black wedding
Altamonte springs, FL, USA
My shoes and dress were both ivory. I wanted them to match though. To keep it more simple and color coded. So I went the traditional route of having the same colors for shoes and dress.... same for the bridal party as well. Everyone's shoes were the same color as their dresses
nattynatbug's Black wedding
Altamonte springs, FL, USA
Also to answer your question about my shoes, I bought them from the bridal shop where my dress came from here in Florida. They were about $80 and $8 to dye them from white to ivory. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them and so my dad got them for me when did my 1st fitting
aymeee's Pink wedding
Aldergrove, BC, Canada
my wedding dress is a kind of off white (not ivory, but not pure white) and the woman at the bridal store told me to make sure that any shoes, flower girl dress, etc. is not pure white otherwise it will make my dress look "dirty" which i can see i guess. compared to bright white it looks not as nice. so needless to say, i will be matching my shoes to my dress. just a thought though!
kristieb's Blue wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
My shoes are going to be grey and orange (my wedding colours) and my dress will be ivory. My dress is long, so the shoes will only show during a few pictures.

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