Feb 3, 2009

I just put up a post about our ceremony location but actually before we picked it we picked the reception hall. When we walked into this place we fell in love with it and despite wanting to get married in the spring, changed our plans to the summer so we could have the party here.

The Glebe Community Centre used to be a church but was converted into a community centre many years ago, lucky for us! Plus, they renovated it a few years ago and now it's a popular spot to rent for weddings. What I love about it (other than the way it looks and the fact that it's in our neighborhood) is that you can pick your own caterer and provide your own bar!!! A big cost saver since we're having an open bar...at least I hope it is!

I know at least one other couple who picked this spot for their reception and they just loved it. The people who run it are super nice and although prices went up this year they're going to make sure we don't pay more than we were expecting to which is good of them :)
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The Glebe Community Centre
This is the front of the building. Thankfully the orange construction stuff is gone now because we hope to do a group shot here.
One day when we went by they were setting up a wedding so we got a sneak peek :)
The dance floor and our bar will be at the back of the room.
's  wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Thanks for the description and the pictures! I've hard the hardest time finding an affordable venue and the GCC was recently suggested to me. Hopefully they'll be available for our date!
pomeransky's  wedding
Bhubaneswar, Paktia, India
Wedding is a very special event of life of every human being. This is the day which needs lots of planning and lots of arrangement. At this event, the main attraction is the bride and the groom so they need special attention in the sense of dressing.

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