What Color?
Purple & Gold? Burgundy & Gold? Turqoise/Aqua?

I've been imaging a ruby red wedding: passionate, deep, emotional, the color of love - even toyed with the idea of a red dress.... But now I'm broadening my horizons: my parents wedding colors were beautiful - wouldn't it be a nice homage to them to use aqua? My Love mentioned that he likes purple and gold this evening which I never would have considered, but, maybe that could work? I've been exploring photos and website to get an idea of what's possible... (Which is how I found this site!) Hmmmm... Ideas?

So many choices!


But it's pretty fun...
svetlana's Purple wedding
 |  New york, NY, USA  |  08/04/2008  | 
i'm using purple and gold for my wedding. it will look gorgeous, but i also like the idea of a deep red wedding. i love color.
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