Aug 8, 2010

It took me 6 months to find the complete set... If your into doing a green Wedding start looking early.....Some of the items I had to find new......The most expensive item was the forest green tie, the hardest for me to find.....

Flower girl dress I found for 25.00 on a facebook group.

From left to right

cream colored flower girl dress bought at Winners for 29.00 and shoes 7.00 at Payless Shoes

forest green M o H dress 10.00 at Liquidation World and shoes 12.50 at Ardene's

My wedding dress free, but alterations 125.00 and drycleaning free

He bought his own black suit from Value Villiage 24.99 and shirt 4.99
tie 10.00 Wal mart oh and shoes 4.50

best mans suit 20.00 Second Hand Cargo dress shirt 5.00, tie 5.00 and shoes 9.99

ring bearers suit 10.00 value villiage, shirt 7.00 and tie 30.00 shoes 9.99
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flower girl dress
wedding attire
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
thats wicked, u got deals left and right lol! now thats how u keep a tight budget lol!
's  wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
very cool,  you should hook up with Unprdictablebride on here She has a blog elsewere that features unusual brides stories... your Green wedding might interest her

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