bridesmaid dress
bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaid Dress

I LOVE this dress. its from davids bridal. My sister (also my MOH) fell in love as well when I showed it to her! I am thinking black peep toe heels, but I'm not sure yet. Any suggestions?
oldhollywoodbride's Black wedding
 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  03/23/2009  | 
ooo la la this dress is stunningly gorgeous! ^_^ I love the color too! My sis liked this dress style as well. Good choice! As far as the shoes go I think that either the same pink or black will go good with the dress!
futuremrspearce09's Black wedding
 |  Silver spring, MD, USA  |  03/24/2009  | 
Love it and black heels would be SO cute with it!
's  wedding
 |  Dallas, TX, USA  |  03/27/2009  | 
If  your bridesmaids are thin, then it is a perfect dress. If not, then choose something else. Would make them look extra bottom heavy.
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