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How do you pick your bridesmaids?

I am having a VERY tough time narrowing down who I want in my wedding. I have alot of girlfriends in alot of different circles and don't know how to pick. Should I pick my friends I have known the longest but am not that close to anymore or pick the friends I am closest to and hang out with all the time now? HELP:(
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
 |  Cork, Cork, Ireland  |  01/02/2009  | 
You pick the ones who are there for you. I would even encourage anyone now to wait a little while and see who helps you with the planning, who is there to support you and genuinely excited and happy for you. There are so many of us on here who have had to do all the running around after our bridal party, no help no contact nothing......looking back I wouldnt have picked who I did I dont think and I know some other brides would def agree with me.
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 |  Oakland, CA, USA  |  01/02/2009  | 
Congratulations!  GReat Advice I could give you...from a person that has 8 bridesmaids!!  Have no more than 4 bridesmaids, trust me...its a great advice you will ever get...4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsman is a good amount and pick people for your wedding party that you talk to everyday or once a week.  siblings and best friends that you know for more than 10 years...pls know for sure before you ask cause you can not ask them to step down once you do.  Trust me, its really weird how your relationships change once your friends has to buy a dress to be your bridesmaid and how they are MIA when you really need them.  Be AWARE!  lol ...good luck and congrates!
soon2bmrslee's White wedding
 |  Oakland, CA, USA  |  01/02/2009  | 
oh yea...make sure they know what kind of expectations you have for your wedding and know if money will be a issue with them...cause feeling sorry for a bridesmaid who is low in funds is pretty stressful...even if you try your best on choosing a inexpensive non known brand...someone still will have something to b**tch about.  All in all, expect drama big or small.  And gathering a group of girls from total different groups is a big chore....i know...ive done it!!
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