Jun 24, 2010

I know I'm only 92 days from the big day, but I have been reading blogs on here for so long, I decided it would only be fair if I started commenting on all the helpful comments I read!

This whole wedding planning experience has been very interesting for me, because I am very comfortable around weddings in general, as I am a photographer by trade- and wedding photography is my favorite! But being on the planning end is much much harder! I appreciate all the ideas I have gotten from all of you so far!

I am one of those lucky girls that gets to marry my best friend, as cheesy as that sounds!

Our proposal story always ends up being overly lengthy story, so feel free to skim :o). My FH had asked me earlier that day if I wanted to go to a hot air balloon festival in town after work. I agreed right away, I had never been before and was really excited to go. Since we both get off work right around the same time I hurried to get home and get ready before he got there. He ended up being about 30- 45 minutes later then he usually is (if had had my detective hat on this should have been clue #1) and was extremely quiet and awkward on the drive there (clue #2- SOOO not like the FH). Once we got to the festival we found a spot and got situated, I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures. While I was doing this Chris started asking me some very bizarre questions. It started off innocently enough with a, "where did I see us going in the future?" after I clumsily responded with a "forward... I guess?" He jokingly asked if I would ever propose to him. I thought he was goofing around and told him that no, that was the boy’s job. He insisted that he wanted me to show him how I would propose if I were to propose to him. After telling him he was being silly, he informed me that no he was serious, that he would even give me a prop to do it, and pulled out a huge plastic ring I had worn to a bachelorette party the weekend before. He insisted that I show him how I would propose with this ring. I finally got frustrated and tossed it back at him and said "Here, ya want it?". He told me that was a horrible way to propose and mimicked my proposal back to me by throwing the fake ring back again and saying "Here, what would you say?" At this point I was starting to catch on that something fishy was going on and my mind went a little numb, to say the least. My genius response was a giggle and an "I guess". He told me that "I guess" wasn't a sufficient response and told me he was going to try again with a different prop and pulled the real ring out of his other pocket.
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herricksgirl's Pink wedding
Portland, OR, USA
OMG!!!! I love it!! That's so clever and sweet!! Great job FH!!! ;0)
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
How sweet, thanks for sharing with us!  

Yay! We have a NEWBIE Girls!  Welcome to your new family Autumn2010bride! This is where you let all your dreams run wild and plan your dream with the help of your sisters! Welcome and Happy wedding planning...Watch out! You are going to be hooked, HAAA!
autumn2010bride's Chocolate wedding
I'm already hooked! I've been getting ideas on here for awhile now, I just wanted to start taking part in the fun!!!


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