This is bananapants's Green Wedding!

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Side View During Ceremony
Side View During Ceremony
Veil Close-Up
Veil Montage
View from the Back
Side View
Side View During CeremonyVeil Close-UpVeil MontageView from the BackSide View
Ivory Cathedral Veil For Sale
Toni Federici "Grace Kelly"
I purchased this veil brand new for $160, and it can be yours for $60 plus shipping. Raw edge, no trim. Only worn for three hours for pictures and the ceremony - in perfect condition! I absolutely loved my veil and got so many compliments on it! More pictures available if you'd like.

Thanks for looking! And congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

And for any brides that remember me from way back when... why am I selling now? Well, the husband and I are expecting a little boy, and it's time to clear out the closet and make room for him! We are SO excited!
Green Calling All Bookworm Shabby Chic Brides!
Calling All Bookworm Shabby Chic Brides!
Just came across this while perusing Etsy for Christmas gifts, and this was too cute not to share on here. So sure, it's been 3 or 4 months since I've been on WBC, but I'll just march back on in here like I was never gone and share this with y'all... :)

ADORABLE, right? Perfect for hanging from trees, or from/behind the head table, or pew decorations... so many possibilities.

So, click the picture to make it bigger, and if you think you HAVE to have it for your wedding, click here and grab it for yourself! (6 for $25)

Hope all is well for all of you in your wedding planning!
Love my girls!
Our ribbon chain aisle decor.
Ceremony Set-Up with RenoRx's kissing balls!
My entourage!
Love this shot.
Our First Dance...BEFORE we were married!
Walk This Way!
Love my girls!
Our Chloe-Bear found a cool spot during the ceremony.
Kiss the Bride!
We're family!
Love love love this pic of my girls!
Our ribbon chain aisle decor.Ceremony Set-Up with RenoRx's kissing balls!My entourage!Love this shot.Our First Dance...BEFORE we were married!Walk This Way!Love my girls!Ella!!!!Our Chloe-Bear found a cool spot during the ceremony.Kiss the Bride!We're family!Love love love this pic of my girls!
Bananapants Recap
Our Pro Pics!
I'm sorry girlies, but I have to keep this really brief. Spent the past couple hours uploading a bunch of our professional pics on Facebook, and we have to get up early tomorrow morning to head to a wedding out of town. I gots to pack and get to bed!

Still, something is better than NOTHING, right??

So, if you like the sneak peek on the left and want to see our pro (mostly unedited) pics, click here.

There's a lot on there, and some you may have already seen, but it paints the picture of our day.

I hope you enjoy them!

And will be back later with more edits of our pics. That, and I did the Post-Wedding Chop yesterday! Buh-bye long hair! Will post a picture of that too, once I have one. :) Shouldn't be a problem with tomorrow's wedding!

Love y'all!
Mrs. Nannerpants
Life is good.
Life is good.
Nate likes to take pictures of where his feet have been. Now it's pictures of where OUR feet have been! (Barbados)
Life is good.Nate likes to take pictures of where his feet have been. Now it's pictures of where OUR feet have been! (Barbados)
I'm baaaaaaaa-aaaaack!
Our honeymoon was mmm mmm good!
Hi Ladies!

I'm feeling uber-lazy but wanted to give you guys a quick honeymoon recappy (recappy? really? losing my mind apparently), and the photo uploader is taking forever, and I really don't feel like posting pics on photobucket (again, feeling lazy!)

So... if you're interested, the pictures will tell you the story of our honeymoon. It's a good one. Promise. Just click here. And, while you're at it, if you want to become my facebook friend and stay in touch that way, have at it! Just tell me who you are here on WBC, and I'll accept you as a friend. :)

Highly HIGHLY recommend doing a cruise for your honeymoon. Especially around the Southern Caribbean. We toured San Juan, PR; Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Marteen, and St. Croix. And we started it with an awesome resort in San Juan, the Intercontinental. Would give them 6 out of 5 stars, if that was possible! Though really, it's hard NOT to have a good time in paradise. Just look through the pics, and if you have any questions on any island specifically, you know how to reach me!

And I'll get professional pics of our wedding up soon. Our photog sent the images in the mail today! Yay!
Green Bananapants Recap Girls Getting Ready
Bananapants Recap
Girls Getting Ready
I think I'll just let the photos tell the story.

But, word of advice? If your bra is sewn in to you dress, wear a cute bra so you don't have to flash everyone. :) Figured that out at the last fitting. My girlfriend Kelly got quite the show the first time around!

This is kind of long, but worth it! (Hint: If you click "View all Images" you'll get through them much faster and can click through them at your own pace.) All photos are raw unedited images except the last two, which our photographer retouched.

Green Bananapants Recap Vows, Pictures, Honeymoon - And, GO!
Bananapants Recap
Vows, Pictures, Honeymoon - And, GO!
Yes. I know. My name is Janna, and I am a HUGE dork. Oh well. I'm sitting here trying to decide about what I should blog about...

1) Our Private Vows.
2) Girls Getting Ready Pictures
3) Our Honeymoon. (We leave in a week and I've already got us mostly packed. Excited much?! Plus, lingerie galore! OMG! Nate got himself a hot wifey, if I do say so myself! ...Not that I'm perfect - there's cellulite back there, but I don't care. I know I'll hear at least one "Daaaayyyyyy-uuummmmm!" from him on the honeymoon!)

Would love to share our pics of all our wedding day details with you, but I'm still waiting for a lot of them. Soooooo.... patience! If you missed it, I did post a general day recap, some non-professional pics and our first look, so if you're interested, go check them out!


Let's start with the vows we exchanged privately. Originally, we were going to do this right before the ceremony. Then, time got tight and we figured we'd do it after the ceremony. Again, time got tight. (This tends to happen on your wedding day!) So, we said "Let's do it tomorrow, when we get home from the gift opening. Something to look forward to!" But then we were so exhausted when we got home, we put it back one more night and did it right with a good dinner, wine, and candlelight. SUCH a wonderful evening! We were tearing up like crazy reading our vows to each other, hugging and kissing in between. I cried WAAAAAAAAAAAY more during these 10 minutes than our wedding day. Let's just say Nate did good. Nate did REAL good. He compared his life to an art canvas (fitting, as he's an artist), and all the "colors" i added to it when I came into the picture, like love, joy, and trust. I *HIGHLY* recommend sharing vows in private with each other. My favorite part of being married so far! Even if it's just telling one another what you love and appreciate in one another. And now they're typed out for eternity in our ceremony book, and trust me, i plan on going back to those often! :)

I have to say... it feels SO GOOD to be married, and not to have to focus on wedding stuff anymore. We can move on with day-to-day life. Ahhhhhhhh. I thought it would feel more different to be married, like the difference we felt when he proposed, but honestly, it feels about the same. We emotionally committed ourselves a long time ago, and proclaiming it publicly and making it legal doesn't make it seem any more official in our eyes. I think once I legally change my name, it may feel different? (Have to wait til we get back from the honeymoon, because my passport has my maiden name on it.) Newer brides, what are your thoughts/ experiences with this?? I'm sure it's different for everyone.

Will post getting ready pics next, unless the rest of our pics come in before that!
Just been told my HUSBAND is coming!
Just been told my HUSBAND is coming!
Bananapants Recap
Our First Look!
Our semi-pro photographer (I call her "semi-pro" because she's just getting started. She has the eye, she has the talent, she just doesn't have a lot experience yet...aka we got her DIRT CHEAP. Like $300 dirt cheap.) Ok, so yes, anyway, our "semi-pro" pics are slowly and surely coming in. So far I've seen all of the pics of the girls getting ready, me getting into my dress (about 100 pics of that alone!), the first look, and the first three of five "shoots" the wedding party took together. (The last two were the best ones, and I can't WAIT to see those!)

Never one to do things in order (remember, I was the bride that wanted to start with the reception, and then the ceremony?!), I figured I'd start rehashing our professional pics out of order too. Why not?

All of these pictures are unedited, with the exception of my fave posted below. Can't wait to start playing with them, and see what our photog does in HER editing!

Wanna see what pure joy looks like? (Moments before the first look between Nate and me, literally just got my dress on, seeing the ceremony site all decorated for the first time):

Scoping it out some more:

Here's Nate's and my first look!

I love the pics where I'm so overcome with joy I can't even contain it. It's bigger than my body! No longer have any control over the expressions on my face! And that last pic? Well, Nate always makes that face at me. It's his ridiculously happy face! I adore that shot!

And, because I love you guys, here's my favorite "semi-pro" pic so far:
Is it not one of the cutest pictures of all time?! Ella FTW! She managed to outshine the bride! (This is even cuter full-size.) :)

Now, where should we go from here? Girls getting ready? Me getting my dress on? Detail shots? You tell me, ladies! Otherwise, I'll just do eenie meeenie miney mo!
Green Bananapants Recap More Pics from our FunFunFun Wedding!
Bananapants Recap
More Pics from our FunFunFun Wedding!
I think I'll just let the pics do the talking this time...
(all non-professional pics from friends on Facebook.)

Let's start with the ceremony...

The reception...





And the dance...
Our Flower Girl and Bubble Boy Ring Bearer
Our Flower Girl and "Bubble Boy" Ring Bearer
The Ceremony
Getting My Dress Bustled After the Ceremony...
Some Reception Decor...
Our Flower Girl and Bubble Boy Ring BearerThe CeremonyGetting My Dress Bustled After the Ceremony...Some Reception Decor...
Bananapants Recap
Our Day of FunFunFun... We're Married!
Ok girls, so this recap has just a few pics I've seen on Facebook so far.... but, I couldn't wait to share at least a little something with you, so here goes...

We're MARRIED! I love calling Nate my husband, and seeing that ring on his finger. :)

There were so many wonderful moments throughout the day. And... there were some stressful moments too (comes with the territory of having a home wedding and having to wait to set everything up day of.) 20+ family and friends came early to help set up which was AWESOME awesome AWESOME, but trying to delegate who should do what and explaining my vision to each individual got a little taxing, and I missed some quality time with my girls while they were getting ready as a result. In hindsight, hiring a Day of Coordinator would have been the way to go. But the girl time I had? Loved every single second of it. I looooooooooooove my girls. Big time.

Since our 4 year old ring bearer bailed on us with a week to go, we asked our 35ish year old friend Uhley to fill-in. And it was SO cute, as you can see from the picture! He was supposed to be our Kool-Aid Man, so it was great that we could include him somehow! (The "real" Kool-Aid costume from Kraft broke, so that was a no-go.)

Um... backtracking - (sorry, this post is gonna be ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. Just bear with me, k?) My favorite moment of the day? An impromptu karaoke 1st dance. BEFORE we were married. At a bar that we stopped at to escape the heat while taking pictures. Totally unplanned! I mean, COMPLETELY unplanned. A wrong turn led us there, and then just as we were walking by, one of our friends popped out of the bar and we decided to stop in and join them! Nate bought a round for everyone, and the bartender asked if he could sing us a song. Never having met, we said, "Sure, why not?" and we danced to his version of Anne Murray's "Can I Have This Dance?" It totally set the lighthearted, go with the flow tone of the day, and it's a moment Nate, me, or the wedding party will never forget!

I was really surprised that nerves never hit me. I just enjoyed the moments, and the expected jitters never came. I knew we were doing the right thing, and wanted to move forward and get the show on the road! It was just like "YES! LET'S DO THIS THING!" All. Day. Long. No tears either. Well, except when I put on my dress for the first time, and one of my BMs started tearing up and that got me going for a second. :)

I also want to try and paint an accurate picture for you guys and keep it real... trying to visit, dance, split my time with different circles of friends, family, and Nate was a challenge. I kind of feel like I didn't get reaaaaaaaaaaaal quality time with anyone, and that's a bummer because that's what I thrive on. There's just too many people, and not enough time. Nate and I were talking about it on the drive back home today, and neither of us would consider our wedding day the greatest day of our lives. A wonderful day, FOR SURE, with tons of amazing goosebump-inducing moments, but so far, we each consider the night of our first date the best day of our lives, finding that "WOW!" person, and realizing that our lives were forever going to be impacted one way or another because of it. It was just one-on-one, more intimate, and that better suits the two of us. Plus there were a few other things that went wrong on our wedding day, like the AC went down at the reception hall, and with no fans, it was super crazy hot in there. (Seriously. I had sweat in places I didn't know sweat could go!) I really felt bad about making our guests endure that, and of course, the heat meant people didn't dance as much, and I was really hoping for an all-and-out dance party. Oh well! People stuck through it, sweat and all, and celebrated and laughed and cheered and sweat some more, and when that last song came on, everyone in the room shouted "SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO GOOD! to "Sweet Caroline" and we ended the night on an incredibly high note!

More to come later... with more (better) pictures!
Green Bananapants Out... For Now!
Bananapants Out...
For Now!
This is where the planning/plotting/dreaming all either pays off, or we fail miserably. :) We're getting married in 3 days. 3 DAYS! Oh My God! Soooooooooo excited! Tomorrow is our last day up here, and Thursday we're heading home to start setting stuff up! Woo Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Not too worried about it failing miserably. Though things HAVE gone wrong. It's funny as we're getting closer, I really don't care. What, 10 more people aren't coming that RSVPd? Our ring bearer bailed on us with a week to go? The Kool-Aid costume is broken, so no surprise grand entrance at the reception? We didn't make a slide show/video a priority, so we're not doing one now? Not sure if the flowers will look the way I envision them? (Small town florist - need I say more?) Oh well. That's just details. Still going to have a wonderful day with my honey, and I get to start calling him my HUSBAND! Husband. Wow. That's gonna take some getting used to!

Things I *KNOW* will go right:
Good times with my college girls.
Good times with my honey.
Good times with my family.
Good times on the dance floor!

And I'm going to feel amazing countless moments throughout the day.

What more could a girl ask for?!

Hmmm... not sure that list is quite in the right order, but at this very moment that's the order that came to mind. Just go with it! My college girls and I only see each other maybe once a year or so, and we're long overdue! So excited to see them! We always pick things up right where we left off. Muah! I <3 my girls.

Still reading? Sorry, I'm babbling. Thank you girls for all your support, ideas, friendship, comaraderie, etc. etc. blah blah blah. You know what I mean! WBC definitely made it's mark on my planning experience, AND our wedding! Who knew starting a little blog would be so much fun?!

Love you all! Next time I "talk" to you, I'll be a Mrs! Weird!

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