Well, hello ladies! Oh how I've missed you!!!! I know that I have been out of touch since being a newlywed, but The Lord put you all on my heart this week, and I decided it was high time to say hello!

Well, I went to the WBC group page on Facebook first, and that is where I learned the terribly sad news of Marta's sudden passing. I came here and also read it on Sonya's (gratefulbride) post, and I have not been right since!

My heart is truly broken right now, for the lost of such a sweet and talented woman! I know that I didn't know Marta well or long, but she was one of the first WBC brides to reach out to me, and show me some of that Chi-Town love! And I couldn't rest last night just thinking about how her family is feeling and what they must be going through!

After much research, I found out about a social networking event that Marta's wedding make-up artist Sonia and photographer Becky Hill are putting together this coming Saturday in her honor, and I wanted to share this information with you all! :

From Sonia’s Web posting:
“For a minimum donation, have your makeup done by one of our talented girls at Esthetique—then have your photo taken to use on your Twitter, Facebook or MySpace page. Maybe you need a new bio photo for your website or maybe a head shot to add to a resume site? Or maybe you can finally join that dating site you promised yourself because you will have a hot new photo.

100% of the proceeds will go to the family of Marta Maslowska. Becky Hill, myself and my artists are donating their time for this worthy cause.

When: Saturday February 6, 2010 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Sonia Roselli Esthetique—7363 N Greenview, Chicago
Phone : 773-465-7363

Reservations are required so please email Susan so that she may reserve your spot. susan@soniaroselli.com ”

Isn’t it amazing that the online community for a local niche industry could be so strong and so thoughtful? If you’d like to contribute, but can’t attend the event or would like to give a different amount, Sonia’s accepting donations at her salon: 7363 N. Greenview Ave, Chicago 60626. Please make checks to Teresa Maslowska."

Marta, you are truly missed doll! You've touched my heart in such a way, and I trust in God that he will provide your family with the peace and understanding that is greatly needed at this time! Rest on Sweet Angel!
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Pink 'Get Pretty for a Cause'- R.I.P. Marta WBC Brides Unite for our Fallen Angel
Hey Ladies!!!! Sorry its been so long since my last post, but you I've been SUPER busy being all MARRIED and stuff!!! LOL! Now, I'm back to everything else in life, and thought it was probably time to start thinking about the Thank You Cards.

That's when I started to think about it, who gets a thank you card. Are they reserved for those guests that actually gave a gift, or should everyone that attended (or at least signed the guest book) receive one? I'm getting my thank you cards personalized and custom made, so I would hate to waste them on someone who came to my wedding, and didn't even give me a card. It's not totally about the gifts, but DAMN...I just think it's a little rude, so what the hell am I thanking you for??? LOL!

What do you ladies think???
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Hey dolls! The wedding is over and I am now very, very, very HAPPILY married!!!! My husband and I are overjoyed that everything went sooo well! Many things didn't go as planned, but the day was still BEAUTIFUL thanks to our family and friends!!!!

Here's the lowdown:

There was a lot of added financial stress the week of the wedding, which ended up taking it's toll on me! I hadn't eaten anything except breakfast for three days, and at the rehearsal dinner, I got sick all over the place!
I was a mess! Then I was sooo stressed that I couldn't stop crying! It was terrible!

I got up super early the next morning to get my hair done, which lifted my spirits a lot! It turned out perfect!!! Thanks Te-Te!!! From there I raced to the venue to check on the progress of the day! I got there at close to noon, and there were still alot of loose ends! Chairs hadn't been covered, tables were not in the right place, etc! I lost it...crying aLL OVER THE PLACE! My Aunt stepped in and took over and things went quite smoothly from there! That is until the I started getting dressed and the photographer started with the shots of me and my mother! BALLING again!!! I lost so many eyelashes!!!! LOL!!!!

The ceremony was an hour late because I couldn't stop crying! I was just an emotional mess! LOL! When I FINALLY made it down the aisle, my father cracked jokes the whole way down to keep me smiling! I lost it again when I saw that my husband was crying! His vows were AMAZING!!! Soo heartfelt and actually quite funny. He told everyone how I did his homework for him in college! LOL!

It's true what they say, the day goes by wayyyyy too fast! After entering the reception...the rest of the night is a blur of pink and brown!!!! Yes, there were things I didn't like, or wish I could do over, but above all...My God reigned supreme and I had a picture perfect wedding day!

Thanks Ladies for alll the love and support!!!!
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unity candle
me & daddy again
bell girls
flower girls
bride & groom
cutting the cake
feeding cake
first dance
justin & his ladies
justin & mom
me & daddy
me & fam
Hey ladies!!!!

First, THANKS again soooooo much all of you that were praying for me and sending words of encouragement while a doll was unemployed!!! It truly is appreciated more than I can say!


First two weeks have been awesome!!! God is sooo good! I'm surrounded by wonderful, genuine people and I love it! First payday is today...and I just checked my account...and HALLELUYERR...Feels sooo good to have a check again that is NOT from the Illinois Dept. of Unemployment Security!!!! LOL!!!

Well, since I just started...I won't be able to take the time off for a traditional honeymoon. FH and I figured this anyway, which is why we didn't plan for one. I'm getting the day b4, the monday after and the following friday after the wedding off.
But...My family is going to Vegas the weekend after our wedding for my Aunt's 40th birthday, so FH and I will go a day ahead of the fam, and enjoy a 4-day, 3-night mini-honeymoon! :)

Just wanted to send that update! :)
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My Bridal Shower was yesterday, and it was sooo much fun!!! The theme was "Labels and Love" like the Fergie song on the Sex and the City Movie Soundtrack! So, everything was themed around my favorite labels: Christian Dior, Victoria's Secret, Steve Madden to name a few. And my Loves: Barbie (DUH), Justin, the color PINK to name a few!

Two of my BMs hosted it with my mother, but my MOH ended up helping out as well! I had about 60 guests, got tons of gifts, cards and money and had a blast! We played a game called "What's in a Barbie Bag?" where there were items listed that are always in my bag, and the ladies got points for whatever items were also in their purses! That game was hilarious!!! Purses, cards, tampons...you name it were strewn all around the house!!! LOL!!!

We had a good time, and later my BMs and few other friends did a "Girls Nite Out". We had a few drinks and my MOH's house and then headed to club for some dancing!!! I am pooped still...and I have to go to work tomorrow....Man, it feels so good to say that!!!!
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Total Barbie House Shoes!!!
Beautiful wrapping from my sister!
A nightie!
Another nightie!
My sister adding a Bow to my head!
PINK Martini Glasses!
Totally sexy Pink Nightie!
Wine Glasses from MOH!
Microwave from MOH!
Serving Bowl!
Love is not who you live with, it's who you can't live without!
That awful hat!!!
Trying to work with it!
My sister's bff, my sister and I at the club!
Praise Report: Don't rush GOD because he is ALWAYS on time!!!!

Sooo...friday morning I get a phone call from a foundation that I interviewed with last week, and had a second interview with this week...and I GOT THE JOB!!!! I made a statement a week or so ago that this storm in my life was about to pass...and the RAINBOW is out!!! I am sooo blessed and it all happened in perfect time!!!

Because I am BORED out of my mind after being laid-off for 7 months...I told them I wanted to start ASAP, so my first day is tomorrow!!!! Yay me!!!! I should be getting ready for bed, but after 7 months...it's going to take me awhile before I get back to a normal sleep schedule!!!

THANK YOU all for praying and giving me words of encouragement!!! I appreciate you ladies more than I can say!!!
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I'm a working woman again!!!
Soooo...I had an awesome day today (it's after 12, so yesterday)! I had two interviews with two very awesome non-profit foundations. One a part-time position and one a full-time. Well, while in the part-time intv, the Exec. Director mentioned an org that they are affliated with, that I know well and just asked me to check them out. Before I could get gone good, the other organization called me, told me Intv #1 spoke very highly of me, and now I have an intv with them next week!!! Both postions are part-time, so if I got both, it would be like working for the same co. just at two different offices!!!

Also on the way to Intv #2, the high school where I volunteer notified me that they maybe able to bring me on staff before the school year begins!!! And then Intv #2 went soooo well, they may make a decision very soon!!!

I'm just sooo excited about the future!!! I have been hanging strong for the 7 months I have been unemployed! I had my weak moments, but the bible says I will reap if I faint not! So, I picked myself up and I chose to believe in the God I serve and the God I KNOW has never failed me!!!

Just wanted to share that praise report with you all and thank you for being here, commenting and praying for a doll!!! I'll keep ya posted!!!
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I have this doll..isn't she pretty!!!
Hey DOLLS!!!! Sorry, I have been away for soooo long! I have been coming on every day checking on you all, and commenting on posts, but it's been a while for my own! Here's the update:

I am still unemployed....but I am believing GOD for Favor on my behalf in this job market! He has made a way for me thus far, and I am following his lead! There must be something, THEE DREAM JOB waiting for me! There is always a rainbow after the storm and I am excited about my future!

I FOUND A DRESS!!! Aren't you ladies proud of me??? It took a doll long enough but you all know how hard it can be to find that dream gown!!! Here are the details:

Maggie Sottero Gown, Halter, Diamond White Gown with Mermaid Fit and Tons of Beading!!!! The dress fit me PERFECT (almost) in the first fitting, and that's what lead me to believe it was the one! Also, the way the other women in the shop gasped when I came out of the dressing room! :) I need a few alterations, totaling almost $600! I want a French Bustle, The hem needs serious trimming, needs to be let out by the hips and taken in a taste at the bust!

I've posted some pics...better ones to come in a week! Excuse the look on my face...the lady acted as if she didn't know how to work the camera! :) Let me know what you ladies think!!!! :)
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The Back
Up Close
The beading
Me Far Away
Dress on the Hanger
Hey Ladies!!!! Sooo... I know it's been like a month of Sundays since my last post, but I have been crazy busy! I have been on more interviews, but there are two jobs in particular that I am up for, and I really want either one of them! So, please keep me in your prayers, and pray with me that the Lord gives me favor!

Other than that, just the usual...finishing DIY projects, getting event details finalized, planning the big move, you all know! I did finally get the wedding website completed, so check it out!

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You know it!!!
Sooo...my FH and I sat down with our mothers and wedding venue, and tossed around dates for the past week. We really wanted September 19th, but September 12th was the best option for getting our same rooms at the venue.

I am now a September Bride! I'm getting used to the thought more and more with the days. I'm still sad that we lost our August date, but the most important factor in this wedding is still on and I'm marrying the man of my dreams!!!

Our colors still work, and since Fall doesn't start until September 23rd...it will still be SUMMER, so I'm still a Summer Bride!

Thanks to all my WBC brides that sent comments of support when I was depressed and freaking out...your comments really helped me realize the blessing in the situation. I truly appreciate you ladies!!!
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Pink September Bride!!!