More snow...
Is it ever going to stop???

I live in the upper midwest and it has definately been a VERY snowy start to the winter up here! Now when the FH and I planned a winter wedding we knew we were risking it but, this week alone we have gotten approx. 10 inches of snow--a few inches every other day basically!! I love the snow so this is perfect but I am starting to get nervous with the way it has been snowing SO MUCH!!! Now get this...we are getting another 6-10 inches of snow between today and tomorrow!! Ladies please pray that this is just trying to get it out of its system before January!! I would love like 2 inches a day or two before the wedding but not a huge snowstorm...!!!
Ah!! I am getting nervous about this snow situation now because I want the wedding to go on and want guests to show up!! I would hate for my daddy to pay $$$$ of dollars for food for no one to show up because of crappy weather :( But I am going to try to be optimistic and hope everything will work out in the end. God, please let it all work out!!!
nattynatbug's Black wedding
 |  Altamonte springs, FL, USA  |  12/08/2008  | 
Gosh, that really does suck. I hope for your sake that the snow calms before the wedding so you can have a fab time with everyone who really wanted to be there with you.
I'm getting married in January too... however, we live in Florida so it is about 60-70 degrees in January... so we won't have snow to worry about. But I feel for you and just stay positive like you said and I wish you the best of luck. I know how that would really be stressful because snow is a huge issue when people are traveling. Keep your head up sweetie
stammlindsay's Pink wedding
 |  Beaver dam, WI, USA  |  12/08/2008  | 
I live in Wisconsin also and I get married this week Friday! The weather for Friday doesn't look bad though. I wish you luck with your weather and planning. Pray for good weather on Friday!
's  wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  12/08/2008  | 
That's so romantic.  A little chilly, but romantic. Everything will still turn out perfect for you two.
vintagebabe's Green wedding
 |  Albany, NY, USA  |  12/08/2008  | 
I'm getting married this New Years Eve. We have some snow.. not too bad... but it's like 10 below zero right now. I wish you luck with the weather!
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