Jan 30, 2008

I dont understand myself sometimes...
I am recently engaged... (wonderful)... chose our "Special" day... July 18th 2009... (wonderful)... chose a colour, theme wedding, compiled guest lists, food/catering, band/dj, honeymoon destination, music, flowers and many other lil surprises... wonderful...wonderful... wonderful. However, I feel my head is spinning out of control... sheesh already... and we've only just begun.
So thinking to myself.... (yes.. I occassionally do this..)haha.. uhhh???... we have much time to prepare for this "Wonderful, happy celebration ... So I am taking a seat... and learning to breathe.... and also to not look at all my wedding/bridal books once hidden in a box in the closet.. stacked away so neately.. haha!
So why is it that I am almost out-a-control here.????. stressing, biting my nails, flipping through endless bridal mags, tearing out pics and planning, planning, planning... and every time my soon-to-be-husband looks at me... my head is burried in details... what about this.. what about that.. this.. that.. this.. that... ?????? Geessh poor guy!!! Is this not supposed to be FUN....???? Any suggestions out there for a stress-free.... happy, fun wedding day???

PLEASE HELPPPPPPP.... Me find ways to relax and enjoy my time... ooops OUR time!!!!
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marta12's Blue wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
You have more than a year and a half to plan. Don't go too crazy in the begining, and set things in stone this early, you might come across things that you like better later.

You have so much time, why don't you tackle one big thing at a time. Each weekend consider a different project. It won't be so overwhelming.

I definitely do not recommend buying a dress this early.

Happy Planning!
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Baltimore, MD, USA
ok BREATHE!!! inhale... exhale....now try taking a candle light bath or just a bubble bath (without looking at your wedding magazines) with nice music and don't think wedding think relax!!  

You have plenty of time my wedding is 5/24/08 we already have all the big things done now we're working on the small ones.  Believe me you have plenty of time!!

I would try to make sure you get the location taken care of first the book quickly but make sure you look around and get something you really want.  Oh, and when u go get your dress focus on your dress not the vail or the shoes because I did it all at once and later changed my mind about the vail and shoes they gave me

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