Apr 1, 2008

Is anyone else having assigned seating at their reception? I'd like to, because I think it will cut out some of the hassles people might have. My sister chose not to, and people started pulling tables together and stuff......this is what I do not want!

So......I found these awesome place card holders that are just perfect for my theme and very cheap! They are about $12 for a set of 12, which obviously comes to about a dollar apiece!
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Place Card Holder
marta12's Blue wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
I am having assigned seating. I won't need place card holders. My place cards are tent cards and will stand on their own. (pic of my lace damask place card inspiration in blog)
chineyelovesrickey's Purple wedding
Los angeles, CA, USA
we plan on having assigned seating...it may be a hassel arranging the seating, but it will be well worth it in the end
's  wedding
Yeah I am having assigned seating too. It's a good way to "manage" the crowd. I know some people attending do not get along so it's a good way to make sure they are far away from each other. Those holders are adorable. I am using large pine cones for holders and we are making our own little cards for the table numbers. We will just do up a chart at the entrance so everyone knows which table they are sitting at.
debbiev's Pink wedding
San diego, CA, USA
No assigned seating for us, just the parents and immediate family, so they are close to the head table. My H2B thought people should get to sit where ever they wanted so they would be more comfortable. I had different feelings, but eventually gave in and now I'm happy I didn't do it. Just adds more to the already huge list.

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