Thank you for making this super cute garter for me. They have almost any color you want! You even have the option to add rhinestone. I will be blinging it myself for less though;)
Here's the link:

This is a little FYI on the history of the garter toss:
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Pink My Wedding Garter Custom made for my wedding colors
I was trying to think a little outside the box for the shower favors(mom needed help) and ran across this idea and loved it!
Hopefully someone will win a little something and if they don't...well one less thing to clutter their house;)
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Shower Gift
I found this pillow the other day for $5! I like it as is but I'm just going to add my darker purple ribbon somehow to make it more our wedding colors.
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Ring Pillow
James and I wanted to go to either Hawaii or on a mediterranean cruise for our honeymoon.
Today we decided on going to Barcelona, Spain for three days and then we are cruising.

Honeymoon Itinerary:

Thu, Sep 10, 2009
Philadelphia International Airport, (PHL) to Barcelona Airport, (BCN)
Flight: US Airways Flight 742(on Boeing 767)
Depart: 06:30 PM, Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
Arrive: 08:35 AM, Next day Barcelona, Spain (BCN)
Total Travel Time: 8 hrs 5 mins

Mon, Sep 21, 2009
Barcelona Airport, (BCN) to Philadelphia International Airport, (PHL)
Flight: US Airways Flight 743(on Boeing 767)
Depart: 12:00 PM, Barcelona, Spain (BCN)
Arrive: 03:05 PM, Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
Total Travel Time: 9 hrs 5 mins

Olivia Plaza Hotel:
Olivia Plaza Hotel
Plaza De Cataluña,19
08002 Barcelona

CRUISE LINE: Norwegian Cruise Line
FROM: Sep 13, 2009
TO: Sep 20, 2009
SHIP: Norwegian Gem
# DAYS: 7
ITINERARY: Barcelona, Valletta, Naples, Rome/Civitavecchia, Livorno,
Cannes, Barcelona
Cabin: Balcony
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How We Met
Thank you U.S. Army!
The Army's unforeseen intentions ... Luck ... Divine intervention ... Fate ... Call it what you will, but some things in this world are meant to be.

They met like many others, through a set of arranged meetings and required briefings .. Thrown, or better yet, brought together through work. James was new to the office, and Victoria was the cute (yet unassuming) administrative assistant, responsible for the in-processing of new personnel. As James became acquainted with his new work and surroundings, and ran from meeting to meeting, he would pass by Victoria's desk once or twice a week, offering greetings and discussing the day to day happenings of their office .. Or so most thought. Once or twice a week became once or twice a day, and as James got to know more about Victoria .. He became intrigued and wanted to know even more. He knew that his thoughts would probably lead nowhere .. She was younger, better looking, and generally out of his league. But little did he know ... that Victoria felt something as well for this new man in her life.

They continued to grow their friendship, through increased conversations at work ... Which led to increased conversations outside of work. Victoria was kind enough to help acclimate James to the local social scene .. Introducing him to her friends, and inviting him out to parties and local concerts. It soon became ritual that James and Victoria would have dinner together once or twice a week .. With the outward appearance to anyone looking on, of friends enjoying each others company. But futures and possibilities were brewing in each of their hearts and minds. James and Victoria spent more and more time together, and while neither was outwardly affectionate towards one another, everyone else was starting to notice. Friends would later tell Victoria, that James was looking at no one else when they were together .. Only at her. And as they talked more about him, she started to notice as well ..

So one night in April 2007, less than five days post eye surgery and still recovering, James was invited to an early birthday party for Victoria. In pain and not at his best, he knew that none of that mattered .. It was an important day for her, and he wanted to be there with her, her friends, and some colleagues from work as well. As the night flowed on (as well as the drinks) things changed between James and Victoria. A subtle brush up against each other turned into a lingered touch. A "friends" hug became an embrace and then something more .. and at the end of the evening, nothing short of a first kiss would suffice for either of them. In the span of one evening, they moved from being friends to being something better .. Something they both wanted, and would never be sorry for.

The rest of the story was written from that moment ... Weeks became months, months turned into years, and now they are writing even bigger scripts that will determine the rest of their lives together ...
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Pink Written by my soon to be hubby... ...on our wedding website.
This is our spoiled little dog Mia. We can't really figure out what is wrong with her but James swears that its my fault! Go Figure!

She will be walked by one of my MOH's in the wedding. I even ordered a pretty dress for her;) She has a little black schnauzer boyfriend that will be walked by the best man along side her.

Oh, anyone out there that might be personal friends with Cesar Milan .. drop us his number. This one needs the Dog Whisperer bad!!!
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I consider myself very lucky to have two best friends/sisters! They are the two pretty ladies in the middle. I have known them since I was 10 and 13 years old. We were cheerleaders together, graduated together, lived together, consider our families as one, and pretty much everything else together!
So how does someone decide between two very special people to be her maid of honor?
Do I even have to choose just one? Or is it okay to have two?

Well I did the research, the good news is ...that yes, it’s acceptable to have two maids of honor! Problem solved:)
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Has anybody done one of these sessions that live near Maryland? I am very interested and wanted some photographer suggestions. Please include link....
Thanks ladies!
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Pink Wedding Photography Boudoir sessions in Maryland??
I finally dyed my crinoline and the result was perfect.

Found a good DYI blog :
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Pink Dying my petticoat/crinoline What a fabulous idea!
Pink Dying my petticoat/crinoline What a fabulous idea!
Pink Dying my petticoat/crinoline What a fabulous idea!
Not just a mere object to adorn a finger, the ring has been a powerful symbol throughout history. Its circular shape and its banding to the body have given it meaning - from the magical to the practical. Rings have represented the cycle of life, the sun and moon and in the case of engagement rings, eternal love.
Although we now mostly associate the diamond, with its nearly indestructible properties, as the symbol of eternal love, it was first the plain ring that represented the promise of companionship. Today we still honor the plain ring as wedding bands, although the diamond engagement ring is seen as a more important or more powerful symbol of a man's love for his bride.
There is some evidence to suggest that the first wedding rings used by ancient peoples were actually ropes that held a woman as property and that is why the symbolic ring remained a part of our tradition. Rings may also have been used to signify ownership to men or tribes, and the exchange of rings signified the passing of the daughter of one clan to another.
The customs of ancient people are under debate, but it is known that the firs wedding bands in recorded history were used by the Romans. These bands were usually made of iron, although more wealthy Romans may have used more expensive metals like copper, silver or gold.
In 1477, the Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg presented Mary of Burgundy with the first recorded diamond engagement ring. The fashion caught on quickly among royalty and other people of great wealth, but was impossible for most people of the Renaissance because of the diamond's great expense at the time. Popular rings of that period were designed with love messages written in jewels. And although romantic in nature, were often seen, much like today, to signify status of wealth more than the devotion of the groom.

Last sentance isn't my favorite because that isn't always true but I didn't write it.
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Tacori Style 2578 B