Pink Wedding Photography Boudoir sessions in Maryland??

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Boudoir sessions in Maryland??

Has anybody done one of these sessions that live near Maryland? I am very interested and wanted some photographer suggestions. Please include link....
Thanks ladies!
futuremrsogan's Black wedding
 |  Beltsville, MD, USA  |  06/15/2009  | 
Sarah Luckett is doing mine. Her website is www.sarahlynnphotography.com

She is in Lusby. I'm going for my photos at the end of July! She's very nice, and she works out of her house. :)
kristi's Blue wedding
 |  Bay city, MI, USA  |  06/15/2009  | 
not sure where in MD you're thinking, but go to

Shey Marin is a great portrait photographer who, I think, may do BPics.  She's from Indianapolis but is moving soon to MD.   I found out about her on The Knot several years ago when she was planning her own wedding and I really enjoy her blog.  

Good luck!
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Hi ladies!!! I missed you all so much!!! I have been so busy since we got back from the honeymoon...
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