Jan 23, 2009

I got my florlyte in today and promptly left to buy flowers to try out my center piece idea. I only bought one to try it out becaue I had my doubts on how bright it would be. So my verdict on the florlytes is they are wonderful and give a truly unique look but you can only add enough marbles to hide the actual plastic of the light or else you will not have any light showing through really. That considered i really like them! I am doing the first picture on half the tables and the 2nd on the rest.

For the tall center pieces. I bought these 16" vases for $1.50 at the flea market. I really wanted 24" vases but for 10X less I will deal with it. (I found some 24s for $10 but shipping made them $15) Maybe I will use very long stemed flowers so they tower out or I will put something under the vase to make it taller. Unfortunately the grocery store didn't have flowers with long enough stems to test run on the tall centerpieces

Note I think I will pull more of the leaves of of the flowers
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made center piece2
mikaela's Black wedding
Sydney, Canillo, Australia
They look great! I found (also using floralytes, with a tall-ish skinny vase and orchids) using less flowers actually looked better for mine so more light could peek through. Are you already settled on tulips? If you used a less "dense" flower more light would show through them also. I like how they're sillhouetted anyway though, so either way looks good =)

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