Apr 5, 2010

I was wandering around Michaels trying to figure out what I wanted my card box to look like. I thought about bird cages, the stacked boxes, etc. I wasn't being really creative, but then I passed by all the baskets they had and loved the idea of using the "apple picking buckets" or whatever you want to call them.

I bought two huge orange gerber daisies and a couple different types of ribbon and created this little doo-dad. I love how they turned out. Very bright, and fun. I might make a "fake" card to put in there so people get what they are for.

Hot glue guns work wonders!
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card buckets 2
card buckets 1
's  wedding
Los angeles, CA, USA
Very cute!!!!!...yes, hot glue gun is my fave!!!! These are adorable.

Only issue I see is that these aren't covered so I would worry about the cards being easily taken out by someone who shouldn't take them out. So make sure you have a person in charge?
lynnmichael's Blue wedding
Oakdale, NY, USA
I agree with Nidhal...you would like to think that everyone at your wedding is trustworthy but I have been to a few and planned one where cards and even a purse got stolen
berlies's Orange wedding
Saint paul, MN, USA
Wow, I never even thought of that. But we should be okay - one of my Mom's coworkers who does event planning on the side is coming to help at my wedding and is going to be in charge of the gift table/guest book table, etc. We'll move the gifts into the back room once the ceremony has started so they aren't there tempting everyone during the reception.

Thanks ladies - though kinda sad that thats something that needs to be thought about. Oh well!
hamptonsbabe's Orange wedding
Randolph, NJ, USA
Awesome and not typical. Good job.

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